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  1. ERMITAGE Meeting (UEA) SudiptaGoswami 17/11/2011

  2. Key features • Relative ease in configuring and executing coupled model runs; • Allows different model combinations based on modules written in multiple programming (and scripting) languages and RTE; • Easy to set up large ensembles; • Allows uncertainty analysis; • Allows remote execution; • A simple user-access control in place; • A fully searchable central repository of results.

  3. Robust and modular framework that enables multi-institutional collaboration!

  4. BFG: current state of play • BFG2 currently supports f77& f90. The supported targets are MPI and argument passing (limited). • Current development is going to allow support for C and Python. The supported targets will include OASIS4. • This will allow non-supported languages (e.g. GAMS) to be wrapped by one of the supported languages. Currently, Python appears to be the simplest for GAMS and R. • A new webservice option (possibly based on OpenMI) may be developed, if required.

  5. Development is underway with live examples: a. LPJmL: split into reader & ‘worker’: both coded in C; b. GEMINI-e3___GENIE-em: Python(GAMS)-Python(R) coupling; c. MAGPIE___REMIND-R: Python(GAMS)-Python(GAMS) coupling. • BFG can control transformations between modules, and for (c) four transformations have been written, i.e. matrix transformation, timeseries truncation, timeseries interpolation and unit conversion.

  6. Example coupling files can be seen at: where the GEMINI-e3___GENIE-em (prototype) metadata is already uploaded. • The metadata browser at can also be used to run BFG2 on uploaded metadata. • This is still very much WIP, and Rupert & Paul will be presenting a more polished version at the Lausanne meeting.

  7. Suggested plan of action BFG development work at Manchester by Rupert, Graham & Paul Update BFG in CIAS from v1.1 to v2.0 SoftIAM Test and refine the science behind the couplings based on feedback from authors Update BFG to v2.x, i.e. the stable release when the new features have been added. Incorporate new couplings into the CIAS portal.