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SWEDEN. Alejandro Santa Engracia 4ºa . 28th november - 4th december. - Monday 28/11:

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Santa Engracia


28th november

- 4th december

-Monday 28/11:

Thedaystartedsoonerthannormally. Ourtripstarted in trainto Madrid, itlasted 3 hours more less. Tocontinuewegeton local trainto Madrid Airport. Ourfirstairplanetripwasto París, France butwehadtowait in theairporttogoonboard. Whenwearrivedto Paris, wehadtoruntogoonboardtoStockholm, thelastairplanetrip.

Whenwearrivedwewaswaitingforour local train in SwedenStockholm-Örebro, itwasthelasttriponday and itlasted 2 hours more less. Our hosts waswaitingdownstairs and themeetingwaswelcome. Finallywewenttohousetorest. To sum up, the travel was tired, nervous, busy and exciting.

-Tuesday 29/11

At 8.45 was a welcomeceremony, and each country hadto introduce withourname, whowasour host, and our hobbies. Laterwe can breakfastbutwehad short time becauselaterwehadtoattendlessonswithour hosts. I was in Mathslessons, Spanishlessonsand Swedishlessons. Whenitfinishedwehad lunch in assembly hall at 12.00, issoonerthanSpain.

Tocontinueswedishteachersdidmanygroups and wedidactivities in mixedgroupstogettingtoknoweachother. Thisactivitieswereaboutknowingimportantthings of others, and others.

In theafternoon I was in Palatzel, a place in whichyou can seemovies, playcards, playfootball machine, stay in computer, ortalkwithother. Later I, my host and othersswedish hosts wenttoEskilstunaCentre. Finallywewenttohouse.

-Wednesday 30/11:

Thedaystartedfor me staying in Drama group, notallwere in thisgroup. Weplayedwithactress Marie Chantal Long. And wedidtheatreactivitiesallmorningwithshe. OtherpeoplewenttoFaktotum and theydidactivities in thesmithy, foundry and graphicpintingworkshop and papermaking. At lunch time, drama grouplunched at school and others at Faktotum.

Tocontinuewemet in Faktotum and continuewithphotosightseeing tour in Eskilstuna Centre and lateranactivityaboutdoingpictures in bridgets.

In theafternoonwehad free time, butmy host and I sleeped.

Tofinally, allstudentswere in handball match, theEskilstunahandballteamcalledGuif.

-Thursday 1/12

Drama groupcontinuedworkingwith Marie and otherswerevisitingthe ice hockey stadium in Eskilstuna and skatingtogether.

We lunch at school and laterallstudentstakephotosoutside in theschoolyard.

Tocontinue drama groupplayedtheatre in assembly hall toallComenius. Latertheteachersgavetouscertification.

In theafternoonwehad free time, and somestudents and I wentto Tuna Park the shopping centre.

Finallywehaddinner in schoolwithtraditionalSwedishdishes and traditionaldishesfrominmigrantcountriesfromSweden.

Toendwewere in Palatzelagain.

-Friday 2/12

In thisdaywewenttotheswedish capital, Stockholm. Ourdeparture at 8.15 by bus fromschool.

Firstwedid a sightseeing in principal streets, and principal monuments. Tocontinuevisitthe Royal Castle, and wecouldseethechange of the royal guards.

Laterwehad free time and strollthroughthe Old Town, boughtsouvenirs and else.

Tofinallytheday in Stockholm, wevisitedthe Vasa museum, thismuseumhad a bigshipcalled Vasa. Thisisshipisn’treplic, and . Wehad free time toseeallship, skeletons, pieces… and wehadtoo a guided tour.

WearrivedtoEskilstuna at 18.00 and wewenttoPalatzeltospendtheafternoon.

-Saturday 3/12

Allstudentscouldspendthedaywith host families, itmeans free time.

I and my host woke up so late. Laterwebreakfasted and geton a bus in direction Tuna Park tospend time there.

Tocontinuewewentto Phoenix Pizzeriatohad lunch-dinner.

Finallywewalked in Eskilstuna Centre and wenttoPalatzel.

Itwasthelastday in Eskilstuna.

-Sunday 4/12

Thelastday in Sweden, and thelastday of ourtrip, ourexperience.

At 6.30 wasthe bus departuretoArlandaAirport(Stockholm).WewerewithSlovakpeople, they . OurfirstairplanetripwastoAmsterdam,Netherlands and laterthelastairplane, Amsterdam-Madrid.

Whewearrivedto Madrid wehadtoget in a taxi becauseourtrainwill come back to León withoutus.

And ourlasttransportationwasthetrainto León.

In Train Stationwasallourfamilieswaitingforus.

To sum up, alltheweekwasincredible, amazing, enjoyable and allgood adjetives butthelastdaywassad, quietand bitter.

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