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National Announcement on behalf of the Department of Education PowerPoint Presentation
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National Announcement on behalf of the Department of Education

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National Announcement on behalf of the Department of Education

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National Announcement on behalf of the Department of Education

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  1. National Announcementon behalf of theDepartment of Education The following announcement will be made to all Middle School Students, throughout Colorado, on Thursday, April 10, 2014 by order of Congress, the National DOE & every state DOE.

  2. Success of Current Education Policy As you might be aware, the proper education of all children has become a key component of the brilliant success of the present Government. No other Government in the history of the world has managed to perfect the instruction of its youth. We are now in the final stages of our 10 year plan. As promised in our manifesto, the curriculum of all schools under the “Race to the Top” strategy and the Core Curriculum standards will be changed as follows:

  3. Changes to the School Day • School will run from August 1 through July 1 and begin at 8am sharp. • All children throughout Colorado will begin the day with one hour of PE. • Boys required classes: Boxing, Weight Training, Running or Soccer • Girls required class: Music and Dance

  4. New Subjects - Boys • Each school must incorporate or purchase a farm or similar agricultural premises • Each school must offer Middle School and HS graduation quality credits (HQC)in Agricultural Sciences. • These qualifications will only be open, naturally, to boys

  5. New Subjects - Girls • Girls will from now on be able to benefit from a range of child care courses. These will be run in conjunction with local colleges. • In addition, all girls must have available to them the following subjects: • Needlework • Domestic Science • Beauty & Therapy

  6. Removal of Unnecessary Lessons • All modern Languages, other than English will no longer be taught • Tech Classes: Until we are able to protect pupils from the filthy lies & subject matter extant on the Internet, all Tech lessons are suspended. • History: Recent CDE visits have confirmed that History is being mistaught in secondary schools. History will now be replaced by a Heritage curriculum. This subject will explore America’s glorious past, present & future.

  7. Religion - New Guidelines • Individual religious practices will no longer be observed in the Secondary School setting. We will initiate a new subject and will incorporate a daily 1 hour Protestant Service. • Students belonging to all other faiths must use school books with red covers as opposed to those with blue ones. • Pupils suspecting their friends of believing in any Mock Religion must report them to the school authorities.

  8. Inappropriate Use of Uniform – These will be issued on Thurs 5.1 • It is an insult to your country to be seen with school uniform in disarray. • Any child seen with their shirt hanging out of their trousers or their tie at half mast must be reported by his/her classmates. • All deviant children will enter a two year correction program. Here they will have their dignity and pride restored painlessly.

  9. Noses • All school children, throughout the U.S., must have their noses measured. • Anyone with a nose more than 5cm long (girls) or 6.5cm long (boys) must present themselves to the Racial Purity Board for a painless DNA check. • This may or may not be accompanied by a vitamin injection.

  10. Remember, you belong to your country and must always act as its ambassador. Serve your Motherland well! God Bless and Keep you all. May America reign supreme for one thousand years! Secretary Duncan US Department of Education

  11. How did the Nazis deal With young people?

  12. Lesson Objective: To identify the key features of Nazi Education in Schools and youth clubs In your exercise books draw two columns under the title. During the next two lessons we are going to research into life for children in Nazi Germany. The information from this table will be used to produce an article on children in Nazi Germany.

  13. The importance of youth Hitler aimed for a ‘Thousand Year Reich’. Young people were the future, so it was vital to win their support: “In my great educative work I am beginning with the young. We older ones are used up … We are cowardly and sentimental … I intend to have an athletic youth … In this way I shall eradicate the thousands of years of human domestication. Then I shall have in front of me the pure and noble natural material. With that I can create the new order.” Hitler Speaks, Hermann Rauschning, 1939.

  14. Nazi eduction policy Hitler (and other Nazi leaders) placed a higher value on what children did than on what they studied. Photograph courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, London. As a result of this, the importance of schools was diminished by the growth of Nazi youth organizations. On coming to power, Hitler immediately took steps to bring the education system under Nazi control. The next slide outlines how this was done.

  15. Controlling education The Nazi Minister of Education was Bernhard Rust. He focused on controlling the education of Germany’s young people through three key areas: • Control of teachers • Control of the curriculum • Establishment of specialist schools.

  16. Teachers Many teachers were pro-Nazi as they had been poorly paid during the Weimar period. However, others were against the regime. The Nazis were keen to keep close control over the teaching profession and did so in a number of ways: • Appointments: All teachers had to join the National Socialist Teachers’ League (NSLB). Members had to be Aryan and were vetted for signs of disloyalty. • Power: The ‘leader principle’ meant that head teachers did not consult teaching staff about policy matters. • Professional development: Teachers were made to go on special indoctrination camps where they did PE and attended lectures on Nazi doctrine.

  17. Curriculum All subjects were taught with a Nazi bias: “The whole function of education is to create Nazis” Bernhard Rust, 1938.

  18. Specialist schools The Nazis introduced special boarding schools. There were two main types.

  19. Youth organizations All young people were supposed to join a Nazi Youth Movement. Other youth movements, such as the Scouts and Girl Guides, were banned. Hitler’s organizations taught them loyalty and were designed to prepare girls and boys for the roles they would need to perform in wartime.

  20. Structure of the Youth Movement

  21. The Youth Movements – popular features

  22. Unpopular features

  23. Resistance to the Youth Movements The youth groups were not universally popular. Many young Germans found them too regimented and militaristic. By 1938, attendance levels at Hitler Youth clubs was barely 25%, prompting the government to make attendance compulsory in 1939. Some young people formed their own alternative groups: • The Edelweiss Pirates grew their hair long and fought with members of the Hitler Youth. • Members of the Swing Movement defied the Nazis by listening to banned American Jazz music. During the war, the Gestapo cracked down on these groups. Some members as young as 16 were even hanged.