Service oriented architecture
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Service Oriented Architecture. CPSC 410. Some content based on IBM’s SOA material, especially SW708 : For Business Partners: Service-Oriented Architecture Design Patterns. Service-Oriented Architectures. Big problem in business is integration of IT . BEWARE! TLAs ahead.

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Service oriented architecture

Service Oriented Architecture

CPSC 410

Somecontent based on IBM’sSOA material, especially SW708: For Business Partners: Service-Oriented Architecture Design Patterns

Service oriented architectures
Service-Oriented Architectures

  • Big problem in business is integration of IT.

Beware tlas ahead
BEWARE! TLAs ahead.

  • A lot of good ideas cluttered with industry/vendor jargon, incl. SOA:


  • Challenge is to identify the useful benefits and adopt the tech you need

  • Thinking in terms of NFRs can be helpful.

Soa why ibm
SOA: Why? (IBM)

  • Increasing the speed at which businesses can implement new products and processes or change existing ones

  • Reducing implementation and ownership costs

  • Enabling flexible pricing models by outsourcing

  • Simplifying integration

  • Achieving better IT utilization and ROI

  • Simplifyingthe enterprise architecture and computing model

Soa challenges ibm
SOA: Challenges (IBM)

  • Changes to one system tend to imply ripples of change at many levels to many other systems.

  • No single, fully functional integration solution will "talk to," or work with, them all.

  • No single data, business, or process model spans, much less extends beyond, the enterprise.

  • All these issues apply even more to integration with the systems of existing or future partners.

What is soa
What is SOA?

  • Service-oriented architecture

  • Model business IT functions as modular, decoupled, independent services

  • Enterprise-wide in scale and scope (think all of Coca-Cola)

  • Use open standards to exchange data

Diversion cmmi
Diversion: CMMI

  • SEI’s Capability Maturity Model Integration

  • Levels of organizational capability:

    • Incomplete

    • Performed

    • Managed

    • Defined

    • Quantitatively managed

    • Optimizing

Soa layered architecture
SOA layered architecture

Soa design principles
SOA design principles

  • Services are loosely coupled

    • Must figure out correct level of abstraction

  • Services are location-transparent

    • Use a registry to find them

  • Services are interoperable

    • Use standards like XML, SOAP, WSDL, HTTP

  • Services are composable

    • Business processes made of multiple services

Levels of service maturity
Levels of service maturity

  • Silo (data integration)

  • Integrated (application integration)

  • Componentized (functional integration)

  • Simple services (process integration)

  • Composite services (supply-chain integration)

  • Virtualized services ( virtual infrastructure)

  • Dynamically reconfigurable services (eco-system integration)


  • What services might be relevant if we modeled the Microsoft HR department?

    • Scheduling interviews

    • Scheduling interviewers

    • Reimbursing expenses

    • Managing hiring decisions

    • Making an offer/financial modeling


  • The “Simple” Object Access Protocol

  • Exchange structured messages for web services

  • Basic WS messaging framework

  • Send message (primarily) with HTTP

  • XML de facto message format

Soap in web services
SOAP in web services

Soap sample
Soap Sample

POST /Supplier HTTP/1.1


Content-Type: text/xml; charset="utf-8"

Content-Length: nnnn

SOAPAction: "Some-URI"








<ItemName>AMF Night Hawk Pearl M2</ItemName>

<ItemDesc>Bowling Ball</ItemDesc>



<OrderDateTime>2000-06-19 10:09:56</OrderDateTime>




HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Content-Type: text/xml; charset="utf-8"

Content-Length: nnnn









Web services stack
Web services stack

  • “Big” web services use protocols like SOAP, WS-Integration, WS-Messaging etc (WS-*)

  • Popular in the enterprise

  • Often seen as too complex or YAGNI for smaller applications

  • REST style preferred for support of scale and modularity