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Kitchen Design

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Kitchen Design. Important Vocabulary. Work Centers: an area used for certain cooking tasks in the kitchen. Work Triangle: the flow of movement in the kitchen created by the three main work centers. . Work Centers. Cold-Storage Center.

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important vocabulary
Important Vocabulary
  • Work Centers: an area used for certain cooking tasks in the kitchen.
  • Work Triangle: the flow of movement in the kitchen created by the three main work centers.
cold storage center
Cold-Storage Center
  • The cold-storage center contains the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Sometimes, wall ovens are near the cold-storage center.
  • Stores plastic bags, food wraps, containers for leftovers, pitchers and drinking glasses.
sink center
Sink Center
  • The sink center contains the sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher.
  • Where tasks that require running water are completed.
    • Washing fruits and vegetables
    • Draining foods
    • Washing dishes
  • Stores dishpans and other cleaning supplies
cooking center
Cooking Center
  • The cooking center contains the range, small cooking appliances, and related tools.
  • Where cooking and baking take place.
  • Stores pots and pans, cooking utensils, canned and packaged foods, and spices.
other work centers
Other Work Centers
  • Larger kitchens may have additional work centers.
    • The mixing center should be between the cold storage center and the sink center

(but it can in other locations too).

    • Measuring cups and spoons, small appliances, baking tools, and baking ingredients may be placed here.
work centers1
Work Centers

Cold-Storage Center

Cooking Center

Sink Center

work triangle
Work Triangle
  • Each of the three main work centers is one point in the work triangle.
  • The work triangle should be away from through-traffic, the path of people walking from one room to another.
  • Too small = crowded
  • Too big = too much walking
work flow1
Work Flow

Regardless of the kitchen’s design, the work flow is ALWAYS the same

one wall
  • All three works centers are on one wall.
  • Least efficient design because of all the walking that must take place.
l shaped
  • Work centers are on two connecting walls.
  • Efficient design because it keeps traffic away from the work flow.
  • Can accommodate more than one worker easily.
  • Work centers are on facing (parallel) walls.
  • Good for long, narrow spaces but inefficient because traffic can interfere with the workflow.
u shaped
  • Work centers are on three connecting walls.
  • Most efficient design because the work triangle can be equal on all sides.
  • Can be difficult to have more than one worker if the kitchen is small.
peninsulas and islands
Peninsulas and Islands
  • A peninsula is a countertop extension that is open on two dishes and on one end.
  • An island is a freestanding counter that is open on all sides and placed in the center of the kitchen.
    • Good for L-shaped or One-Wall kitchens