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Drive Windows Azure consumption with xTV Video - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Frequently Asked Questions. Drive Windows Azure consumption with xTV Video. Q: Who is xTV? A : xTV is the Next Generation Media Co. which delivers the platform to build your .TV

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Drive windows azure consumption with xtv video

Frequently Asked Questions

Drive Windows Azure consumption with xTV Video

Q: Who is xTV?

A: xTV is the Next Generation Media Co. which delivers the platform to build your .TV

Founded in 2011 by Australian entrepreneur, Joe Ward, the company’s vision is to deliver any organization with the capability to lower the cost of content production and multiply the consumption of their media by delivering a true, realtime, lean back TV experience without the need to install new devices or applications.

Q: What is xTV?

A: A Realtime Multi Screen Enterprise Guide & Multi channel, multi screen .TV Network for your customers, employees, partners & investors

Q: Who are the target users of xTV running on Windows Azure?

A: xTV is targeted at enterprises as well as midmarket businesses who want to data streams into .TV networks.

Q: What problems does it solve for customers?

A: Enterprise media is exploding. This is becoming a challenge to manage the message, content experience and more. Many companies need to send their audience to multiple sites to see the streaming updates from various sources which has now become un-manageable.

So xTV combinseYouTube, Vimeo, uStream, Livestream, Twitter, Yammer, Chatter, RSS News, Stocks, Weather & more into a single destination, realtime, multi screen .TV experience.

Q: Does xTV compete with YouTube

A: No. YouTube is complimentary to xTV. However a sync/migration tool is becoming available to move the video from YouTube to xTV/Azure.

Q: How does xTV tie in with Windows Azure?

A: xTV is only hosted on Windows Azure. xTV manages a back-end platform for Network Operators, Networks and Channels. Customers subscribe to the services from xTV and xTV pays Azure based on consumption of content. Where a customer has migrated from another video service, such as YouTube, xTV/Azure are then streaming the video which increases the price per hour.

Q: How is xTV licensed?

A: xTV is a monthly subscription based on the volume of hours required to run your .TV Network.

Drive windows azure consumption with xtv video

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Network Operator?

A: A Network Operator has a dedicated hosting environment where multiple sub networks are hosted and maintained.

Q: How is xTV deployed?

A: xTV is a cloud service which maintains a network plan on the server side. On the client side, a HTML5 browser is required and then the audience can access the .TV site within the browser or Screen Saver.

Q: What is a Network Plan?

A: A Network Plan maintains a list of your channels and users. Feeds are then mapped against channels for customization of your network. For example; #microsoft-corp Twitter has tag would be mapped against the Microsoft Channel and @microsoft might appear on all channels

Q: How long does it take for a client to get running?

A: If the customer has an existing YouTube account with playlists it takes a few minutes to build the network. If there aren’t any playlists, xTV can curate content and build a network within days.

Q: How do the free curating services work?

A: xTV has employees which can work with your enterprise to curate content onto your .TV network

Q: Does the customer have any obligations if they accept these free services?

A: Yes, in exchange, the customer agrees to deploy a network with xTV with a minimum spend of $5K per month.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of channels per network?

A: No. Not for this offer.

Q: How should the Microsoft field go about requesting free licenses for a customer?

A:Once you have a customer who is interested in taking advantage of this promotional offer please email

Q: What resources are available to the Microsoft field to help sell xTV?

A: A full marketing BOM including a customer-ready sales presentation and datasheet are available at ……