the republican resurgence 1980 1992 l.
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THE REPUBLICAN RESURGENCE, 1980-1992 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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THE REPUBLICAN RESURGENCE, 1980-1992. America: Past and Present Chapter 32. Reagan in Power. Roosevelt coalition continues to splinter Republican party picks up pieces . The Reagan Victory. Carter’s negatives Iranian hostage crisis economic ills Reagan’s positives win the election

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the republican resurgence 1980 1992


America: Past and Present

Chapter 32

reagan in power
Reagan in Power
  • Roosevelt coalition continues to splinter
  • Republican party picks up pieces
the reagan victory
The Reagan Victory
  • Carter’s negatives
    • Iranian hostage crisis
    • economic ills
  • Reagan’s positives win the election
    • warm telegenic personality
    • optimistic message
    • draws Jewish, working class vote
  • Republicans win majority in the Senate
cutting spending and taxes
Cutting Spending and Taxes
  • Reagan’s premise: cut spending to encourage private investment
  • Reagan cuts over three years
    • federal spending by more than $40 billion
    • social services included in cuts
    • taxes cut by 25%
limiting the role of government
Limiting the Role of Government
  • Environmental regulations relaxed
  • Attempted cuts in Social Security
  • Neglect of interest-group opponents
    • labor hurt in air traffic control firings
    • lack of support for civil rights legislation
    • women ignored in judicial appointments
  • Reagan’s reductions in spending and taxes prompt conflicting expectations
  • Supply-side economists expect economic growth
  • Reagan’s critics expect massive deficits, economic stagnation
recession and recovery
Recession and Recovery
  • 1981-1982--unemployment hits 10%
  • 1983--economic recovery
    • rise in consumer spending
    • prices remain level
    • worldwide decline in energy prices
the growing deficit
The Growing Deficit
  • Basis for the Reagan prosperity includes
    • massive deficit spending
    • massive inflows of foreign investment
  • 1983--federal budget deficit $200 billion
  • Spending caps on defense, services
  • 1985--U.S. becomes a debtor nation
the rich grow richer
The Rich Grow Richer
  • Gains of Reaganomics
    • inflation reduced to 4%
    • employment grows after 1982
    • growth in service sector jobs
  • Losses of Reaganomics
    • high-paying manufacturing jobs decline
    • increasing social inequality
      • wealthy benefit
      • poor left in poverty
      • middle class hurt
reagan affirmed
Reagan Affirmed
  • Perception of improving economy
  • 1984 election
    • Reagan trounces Walter Mondale
    • Republicans lose seats in Congress
reagan and the world
Reagan and the World
  • Reagan determined to restore America's international position
  • Steep increase in military spending
  • Aggressive foreign policy
challenging the evil empire
Challenging the "Evil Empire"
  • Reagan: Soviet Union the "focus of evil in the modern world"
  • Unfavorable deals on arms reductions
  • U.S. response to Russian refusal
    • deployment of cruise missiles in Europe
    • development of anti-missile system
  • Russians build up nuclear arsenal
turmoil in the middle east
Turmoil in the Middle East
  • 1982--Israeli invasion of Lebanon
  • International response
    • U.S., France send troops to maintain order
    • PLO evacuates Beirut
  • 1984--200 U.S. Marines killed in terrorist bombing
  • U.S. evacuation of Lebanon
confrontation in central america
Confrontation in Central America
  • Intervention against Latin American leftist insurgents
  • Covert subversion of Sandinistas
  • October, 1983--invasion of Grenada
trading arms for hostages
Trading Arms for Hostages
  • Advanced weapons sold to Iran for influence in freeing American hostages
  • November, 1986--Iran-Contra scandal
    • profit from Iran arms sales to Contras
    • funding violates Congressional prohibition
    • Reagan escapes impeachment
reagan the peacemaker
Reagan the Peacemaker
  • 1985--Mikhail Gorbachev assumes power in Russia
  • 1985-88--Reagan-Gorbachev summits
    • 1987--destroy intermediate range missiles
    • 1988--Afghanistan evacuated
  • Foreign policy triumphs restore Reagan’s popularity
social dilemmas
Social Dilemmas
  • AIDS epidemic
  • Drug abuse
the aids epidemic
The AIDS Epidemic
  • 1981--AIDS first detected
    • apparent confinement to homosexual men results in early public inaction
    • spread to drug users, recipients of blood transfusions prompts panic
  • Reagan Administration’s response
    • fund research
    • little funding for education, prevention
    • 1987--appointment of AIDS commissioner
the aids epidemic 2
The AIDS Epidemic (2)
  • 1996--500,000 infected
    • majority homosexuals, drug users
    • 15% heterosexual, non-drug abusers
  • 1996--AIDS death rate begins dropping
    • new drugs
    • safer sexual practices
the war on drugs
The War on Drugs
  • Mid-1980's--crack cocaine introduced
    • addiction spread through all classes
    • exploding crime rate
  • Reagan attempts interdiction of supply
  • Bush, Clinton continue Reagan policy
  • At the end of the century there seemed to be no end to the war on drugs
passing the torch to bush
Passing the Torch to Bush
  • Republicans hope for major political realignment
  • Factors reinforcing trend
    • 1980s economic boom
    • promise of the end of the Cold War
the changing palace guard
The Changing Palace Guard
  • 1985--Donald Regan chief of staff
  • Second-term victories
    • tax reform package
    • appointment of conservatives
  • Changes in the Supreme Court
    • Senate blocks Bork appointment to Court
    • Bush appointments help turn the Court more to the right
the election of 1988
The Election of 1988
  • Republican George Bush
  • Democrat Michael Dukakis
  • Bush television ads attack Dukakis as soft on crime, unpatriotic
  • Bush wins White House
  • Republicans lose seats in Congress
bush s domestic agenda
Bush’s Domestic Agenda
  • Problems of 1989
    • savings and loan industry facing collapse
    • ballooning federal deficit
  • Bush’s deficit reduction
    • raise taxes
    • cut military expenditures
  • Economic recession increases deficit
the end of the cold war
The End of the Cold War
  • June, 1989--Tiananmen Square
  • November, 1989--Berlin Wall torn down
  • 1991-1992--U.S.S.R. dissolved, Communist Party outlawed in Russian Republic
  • Cautious response by Bush
waging peace
Waging Peace
  • 1989--U.S. invasion of Panama
  • August, 1990--Iraq occupies Kuwait
  • January, 1991--Operation Desert Storm
  • Outcome of Desert Storm
    • February 24--Iraqi force collapses
    • Bush’s approval hits 90%
republican economic woes
Republican Economic Woes
  • 1990 budget deal violated Bush’s “no new taxes” pledge
  • Also failed to reduce budget deficits
  • Economic recession prolonged