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Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust PowerPoint Presentation
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Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust

Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust

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Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust

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  1. Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust • Why, Who and What?

  2. Overview • Why has the Diocese established a Multi-Academy Trust • What is it? • Who is it for? • What does it offer? • Questions

  3. Andy Guest Interim Chief Exec Diocesan Salisbury Academy Trust

  4. Why? • Current government policy • A long standing commitment to the schools • Providing a solution for Church Schools • National agreement

  5. What is it? A charitable company set up with only one real object: excellence in learning for all God’s children

  6. Two sponsors, working together with complimentary skills • The Diocese in the lead and for the longer term • Mott MacDonald to bring additional capacity and expertise • Mott MacDonald: • Employee owned • Over 20yrs of School Improvement expertise through Cambridge Education • Diocese of Salisbury • Long history of working with schools • Strong relationships • Expertise in maintaining and developing Christian ethos The Sponsors

  7. Guiding Principles • “We will.... • Recognise that every child is a unique individual and that pupils are creative and need to succeed. • Develop learners with active and resourceful minds and with a sense of understanding and compassion for others that is reflected in our Christian values. • We will allow learners to achieve their true potential and develop the skills and confidence to make the most of their lives within and beyond school. • Develop a family of excellent , innovative, creative and distinctive Christian academies, central to their church and to their communities. • Develop strong and sustainable partnerships between our academies, including schools from the diocesan family and with their local and wider communities –. • Develop a culture of high aspiration and clear lines of accountability • Celebrate success • Through strong leadership, action research and the sharing of good practice, develop centres of excellence, • Establish environments in which children and adults are confident enough to take risks and are rewarded for their efforts and achievements.

  8. Structure

  9. Structure

  10. Who is it for? • Schools that want or need support to improve… • Schools that want to provide help to others within a more co-ordinated framework… • Schools that want to benefit from centrally co-ordinated services To provide the support for all schools that need us where each academy within the DSAT family is an outstanding, distinctive, Christian learning community – achieving world class provision and outcomes in all aspects of academy life, built on a foundation of Christian values

  11. Who is it not for? • Those looking simply for cheaper services • As an alternative to school closure • Those without the commitment to genuine collaboration

  12. Where are we up to? • Two school enter the Trust on the 1st December • Two further schools on the 1st February • Business Plan submitted to the DfE • Central staff appointed, including the first Executive Principal

  13. Key Benefits Greater accountability and scrutiny leading to systemic and sustainable practice. Part of a family that only has one purpose Support for Governance, additional expertise and access to professional help and advice at all levels. Local decision making and responsibility retained, with flexibility as to how much authority is retained by the Trust Board. Designed to be entirely appropriate to need. Dedicated specialist support in HR, Finance, Premises and School Improvement.

  14. Questions