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DEVELOPMENT. OF WOMEN’S ROLE IN SCI FI FILMS. Victorian era Suffragettes Women get the vote WWI 1914 – 18 WWII 1939 – 45 1950’s Baby boom 1960’s Women’s lib. 1970’s women’s lib 2nd wave 1980’s Globalisation 1990’s Gulf war the 3 rd wave feminism

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Victorian era


Women get the vote

WWI 1914 – 18

WWII 1939 – 45

1950’s Baby boom

1960’s Women’s lib

1970’s women’s lib 2nd wave

1980’s Globalisation

1990’s Gulf war the 3rd wave feminism

2000 continuation women in leadership roles… 4th wave feminism?

The Changing Role of Women

1930s Women

  • Women mainly domestic or traditional roles – Encouraged back into the home.

  • ‘New Women’ called ‘Vixens’ – not conforming to traditional roles – moving away from marriage.

  • Less vibrant decade for women

  • Depression meant less jobs for men

  • 1932 BBC Marriage bar meant married women had to resign from work

  • 1930 Amy Johnson first woman to fly across the Atlantic

  • 1938 The Married Women’s Association, promote equality in marriage

  • 1939 outbreak of the second world war impacts women’s lives profoundly


  • 1970 first meeting of the women’s liberation Movement in Britain

  • Equal Pay act enshrines in law the principal of equal pay for women

  • Women’s Lib Protestors disrupt the Miss World Contest

  • Lots of Feminist literature published – eg: Kate Millet, Germaine Greer

  • 1971 Switzerland finally gives women the vote

  • 1971 First Women’s lib march in London

  • The US ban sexual discrimination in the workplace

  • 1973 women are allowed on the floor of the London Stock Exchange

  • The women’s Aid Federation is set up to unite women’s refuges for battered women throughout Britain

  • 1975 The sexual Discrimination act is passed making it illegal to discriminate against women in Education, recruitment and advertising

  • Employment Protection act introduces maternity provision and makes it illegal to sack women who fall pregnant

  • 1976 The Domestic Violence act enables women to obtain court orders against violent husbands

  • 1979 Margaret Thatcher is elected Britain’s first woman Prime Minister

1980s refuges for battered women throughout Britain

  • Power dressing for women, shoulder pads, suits, reflecting the emergence of women in managerial positions

  • 1983 Dr. Sally Ride becomes first US woman in space

  • 1984 The equal pay act introduces equal pay for equal work

  • 1986 The Sexual Discrimination Act enables women to retire at the same age as men

  • 1987 Diane Abbot becomes Britain’s first black woman MP

  • 1988 Benazir Bhutto becomes first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan

  • 1988 First woman judge, Elizabeth Butler-Sloss

1990s and beyond… refuges for battered women throughout Britain

  • 1990 Women in Navy able to go to sea for the first time. Although still unable to go on submarines or be deep sea divers

  • Independent taxation for women, women no longer taxed at same rate as husbands

  • Mary Robinson becomes Ireland’s first woman Prime Minister

  • 1991 Stella Rimmington first woman to head MI5

  • Helen Sharman, Britain’s first woman astronaut

  • 1991 Edith Cresson becomes France’s first woman Prime Minister

  • 1992 Jo Salter qualifies as the first woman fast-jet pilot

  • 1993 Gulf War – U.S women allowed to engage in mortal combat for the first time.

  • 1994 The WRAF is integrated into the RAF

  • The Church of England ordains first woman priests

  • Criminal Justice act marital rape is deemed illegal

  • 1997 In the U.K for the first time some army frontline jobs are offered to women. The move stopped short of allowing female military personnel to be infantry soldiers, tank crew or submariners

  • Mary Robinson is appointed UN High Commissioner. The highest rank any woman has held in the UN

  • 1999 Patricia Purves appointed first army woman brigadier

Women in combat for the first time.Metropolis

  • Two strong images are presented of women in this film.

    1)Maria - in your

    own words

    DESCRIBE how

    Maria is shown.

    Why is this?

2) Women in the Eternal Gardens and of course combat for the first time...dun, dun, Duhhhh!Evil Maria!

Describe how she/ they are shown. Why could this be?

Women in combat for the first time.Blade Runner

  • Female replicants of Zhora, Pris and Rachel can be compared.

  • Describe and compare/contrast the roles of these ‘women’ and how they differ from ‘Maria’ or ‘Evil Maria’ in Metropolis.

  • Why has this ‘development’ occurred in the characterisation of these women? What has happened to generate this change?

Zhora, Pris combat for the first time.

and Rachel

Trinity in combat for the first time.The Matrix

  • Describe the character of Trinity.

  • How is she similar and or different to other women characters in the past films.

  • Why has this development of her characterisation occurred?