Children map their world
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Children Map Their World. Interpretation of How Maps Represent Plural Ways of Learning about our World by Denise Halsey. Country: Indonesia. We A re All in the S ame Boat, No M atter what Country W e O riginate F rom.

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Children map their world

Children Map Their World

Interpretation of How Maps Represent Plural Ways of Learning about our Worldby Denise Halsey

Country indonesia
Country: Indonesia

We Are All in the Same Boat, No Matter what Country We Originate From

Worldview Interpretation: This child seems to view the world as many

different cultures working together to achieve a goal that we share.

He/she believes in all of us, working together in a peaceful manner and

supporting oneanother, no matter what our country of origin is.

Country brazil
Country: Brazil

A Variety of Cultures Joined Together to

Create a Welcoming World

Worldview Interpretation: My views on the above map is that this child sees the

World in which we live to be a very welcoming place by all of the people who

live here. It also appears that the people from the different countries are holding

hands in the illustration, which to me means that this child sees the varying

cultures working together and supporting one another.

Country argentina
Country: Argentina

Through a Kaleidoscope of World Views,

We all Strive for a Common Goal…Peace

Worldview Interpretation: When I saw this illustration, I immediately thought

of a kaleidoscope. It appears that this child believes there are many “pieces” that

make up the world in which we live. These pieces, like a kaleidoscope, come

Together to make one complete picture. The child depicts a variety of places

Around the world through each of the dissected pieces.

Country bulgaria
Country: Bulgaria

Altogether We Are One

Worldview Interpretation: This map appears to have a road/path leading up to

the World, so it seems the child believes that living here provides many

pathways to various opportunities, no matter what your country of origin may be.

Country canada
Country: Canada

It Takes Everyone to Make the

World a Better Place

Worldview Interpretation: It takes all of us, no matter what country we live in

To make our World what we would like it to be. The student uses puzzles pieces

And people working together to show this. It is also very clear that the student

Has highlighted issues that have been abolished throughout history, as well as

items they would like to see disappear to make the place we live peaceful.

Country cyprus
Country: Cyprus

A Diverse Nation of Peace

Worldview Interpretation: This child has used a white dove to indicate that

they are seeking a peaceful nation. He/she would like all countries (illustrated by

the banner of flags) to work together to make the World a better place.

Country finland
Country: Finland

Commonalities between Cultures

Worldview Interpretation: To me is seems as though the illustrator is trying to

show us that no matter what our culture is, we have more in common than one might

Think. He/she depicted the World as a soccer ball and to me it looks as though

There are footprints on the soccer, which indicates that we ALL have an opportunity

To “leave our footprints behind.”

Country italy
Country: Italy

Many Nations Joined together to

Create our Culturally Diverse World

Worldview Interpretation: The World is made up of many different cultures

(pieces), however great things can happen and we can become one when we

work together.

Country greece
Country: Greece

Roads between Nations

Worldview Interpretation: It appears that through this illustration the artist

sees the different countries around us as a pathway/gateway to many

other opportunities. People can travel between countries to experience new

things they may not have in their originating country. The map also makes the

World seem wide-open, so people can move freely and welcomed by other


Country japan
Country: Japan

Creating a Peaceful World by Working Together,

No Matter Who You Are

Worldview Interpretation: This map illustration seemed similar to many others

I viewed on the website. There are a variety of cultures depicted around the

globe, representing the people who live in our World, joined hands which to me

symbolizes working together and supporting each other.

Child s global perspective
Child’s Global Perspective

Focus: Greece

I believe this particular child has a high knowledge of not only the surroundings in which he/she lives, but also the world that surrounds us. The map shows this child has an awareness of geographic location, as well as various landmarks, animals, and plants that grow in particular regions. It seems that he/she did not choose to highlight politics or specific cultures through this drawing of the world, however that does not mean this particular child does not have an understanding or the knowledge of the varying cultures around him/her. I think the history of each nation or region is highlighted in the drawings of the various landmarks, which the child would need to explain, orally, more in detail to demonstrate their knowledge of each country’s historical influences.

Synthesis of all 10 maps
Synthesis of all 10 Maps

In all the maps I chose the children have demonstrated an understanding of where countries and/or continents are located in our world surroundings. They all seem to portray an common theme; there are many cultures around the world and they all share an idea of everyone working together to make for a better place to live and interact. Some of the maps reflect, in detail, the various cultures found in our communities.

Instructional idea
Instructional Idea

Specifically for Grades 3 or higher

*Assign each student a country to research or have them choose one they are interested in

Teacher can model each part of the project using the United States (as each part of the project is assigned)

*Parts of the project that students must complete:

-Create a map showing where your country is, while including the World that surrounds it

-On the Map you create represent the history of the country; include important inventions, landmarks, crops, resources

-Illustrations: create drawings throughout your map that represent the culture and beliefs of your country, as well as illustrations portraying how the country you have researched perceives other countries around the world

-During the research of your country you should also be learning about the natives; how they dress, their beliefs, traditions, political views. You will become a native from your country for our Wax Museum display. You will create a one-minute speech, to go along with your costume, that will explain to our museum visitors the above list. The map you created in the first part of this project will be displayed in front or behind you during the museum tour.

The students at my school have access to I-Touches, so they would use these for their research, note-taking, saving pictures and videos to assist them with this project.