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CHAP 22……

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CHAP 22……. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. 1. WHAT is community development?. Community development can be defined as “ the efforts of local communities to solve their economic problems by developing entrepreneurship among local people”. 2. How can a local community develop enterprise?.

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chap 22

CHAP 22……


1 what is community development
1. WHAT is community development?

Community development can be defined as

“the efforts of local communities to solve their economic problems by developing entrepreneurship among local people”

2 how can a local community develop enterprise
2. How can a local community develop enterprise?

To develop business enterprise in a community the following is essential.

  • People
  • An Organisation
  • Plan
  • Finance

AN Organisation:

Plan of action:


Additional measures:

3 who provides assistance to these community initiatives
3. Who provides assistance to these community initiatives?

State agencies such as:

  • CEB’s County Enterprise Boards
  • FAS
  • Leader
  • APC’s Area partnership companies
  • Teagasc
  • Udaras na Gaeltachta
CEB’s-help local entrepreneurs start up small businesses and create employment in their own county.The board of every CEB is made up of various local stakeholders such as local businesses, voluntary groups, trade unions, state agencies. CEB’s features
  • Local Resource Audits- research local area to see if business opportunities exist.
  • Assisting small businesses – the services they provide new start up’ s is in the areas of market research, financial training, marketing initiatives etc.
  • Financial Support - They also offer grant aid, equity capital and low cost loans

This is a state run agency that helps in job creation and training for disadvantaged groups. It also helps to give advice on employment opportunities.


FAS received poor PR in Dec 2008 due to its wreck less spending of its top managers- (trips away, 5 star accommodation)

The FAS social economy programme provides funding to community groups for those who may have disabilities etc. They provide a service that is required more for social inclusion rather than commercial profit making reasons.


APC’s are geared towards encouraging job creation and developing business initiatives in urban areas of high unemployment (Ballymun, Tallaght in Dublin). They specifically target disadvantaged areas. They act in a similar manner to that of CEB’s.

Leader Programme

These programmes are set up by the EU to encourage offers assistance to rural parts of Ireland that needs assistance. THE Leader programme promotes areas such as feasibility studies, employment training, rural tourism, rural environmental conservation.

Teagasc –

This is a state organisations that are needed for development of young farmers, existing farms and areas of agricultural development. It is particularly interested in the development of rural enterprise as this helps local farming communities the decline that currently exists in traditional farming.

NOTE: Dec 2009 – 10 Local farmers from the West Mayo area set up LAMB DIRECT – Buying lamb produce direct from the farmer at more competitive prices than from local wholesale retailers and local butchers.

Udaras na Gaeltachta -

This is also a state agency that offer grant availability, mentoring assistance, support & advice to those businesses that are set up in gaeltacht areas.


lc exam question

2007 Q2 (B) 20 marks

Name 3 examples of community development organisations and describe the services provided by one of them?

2003 Q2 (B) 10 marks

  • Define community development?
  • Analyse how local communities and local businesses can benefit from each others presence in an area? Use an example in each case to illustrate the answer. 20 marks
lc exam question1

2001 (b) 20 marks

Discuss how the services provided by one community development organisation in your locality helps business?