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Tehnologo-economic faculty

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Kuzbass State Teacher's Training Academy. Tehnologo-economic faculty. Our History The First Dean The First Graduation In 60- th years The Chairs Graduates Work with Future Generation The Main Trends of the Development of the Faculty and its Chairs. OUR HISTORY.

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Our History

  • The First Dean
  • The First Graduation
  • In 60-thyears
  • The Chairs
  • Graduates
  • WorkwithFuture Generation
  • The Main Trends of the Development of

the Faculty and its Chairs



More than forty years ago, in June 1959 according to the Order of the Minister of Education of the USSR the industrial-pedagogical faculty was established at Novokuznetsk state pedagogical institute. It was a very important decision for the development of the professional education in the country. There were only 4 such faculties in our country at that time. At first it was a branch of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. But the first chair – the chair of technical disciplines - was established at the same time. The First chair manager was V.A. Devyatkin. The chair consisted of 6 persons (I.I. The Popov, T.I. Kudryavtsev, A.N. Rostovtsev, K.A. Yampoliskiy). Its residencewas situated in Hitarov Street. In 1960 the branch was transformed inthe faculty. It should be noted that that the faculty enjoyed great popularity: the competition was enormous.


The First Dean

The First dean of the faculty becomes


Sergey Arkadjevich,

a soldier, a talented engineer, a good organizer, a chief of the machine shop of the KuznetskMetallurgical Combine. He turned out to be also an excellent teacher and a remarkable psychologist.


The First Graduation

The first graduation of the faculty took place in 1964. Among the first graduates were Boris Petrovich Maev (he was the dean of the faculty for many years), and Yuriy Mihailovich Pestov, a candidate of the pedagogical sciences, he headed the chair of technical disciplinesfor 10 years.


In 60-s years

In 60-s years the faculty began the research work in the field of physics of metal. This work was headed in 1959 by Albert Nikolaevich Rostovtsev, one of the first teachers.

In 1962 he became the chief of the chair of technical disciplines.

The results of the studies were introduced on plants of Moscow, Irkutsk, Kiev, Nikolaev, Omsk, Orsk, Novokuznetsk, and etc.

Kuznetsk metallurgical combine, West-Siberian metallurgical combine, Orsk plant of non-ferrous metals, Moskabel, Irkutskkabel, Omsk tank plant, Irkutsk plant of heavy machine building and many other enterprises were the customers of the faculty.


The Chairs

The specialised chairs of the faculty has been developing. They meet the needs of society and requirements of the curriculum.

M.V. Shavtsov, Y.M. Pestov, N.V. Solomin, I.A. Kiselev, E.I. Zolotarev, A.I. Savchenko and other teachers finished post graduate courses in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and other cities.

The number of chairs grows and grows. In 1972 the chair of fundamentals of productionwas established.The chair of automations of the production processes appeared in 2001.

The chair of technical disciplines changed its name twice – in 1993 and in 2001. Now it is called the chair of theory and methods of teaching of technology and business.


The Graduates

Among the graduates of the faculty are such people, as

A.A. Ruzhilo - a first deputy of the leader of the Novokuznetsk Administration;

A.V. Haritonov - deputy chairman of the NovokuznetskCouncil of People”s Deputies; O.P. Sokolov - a director town telephone station;

V.I. Tishkov - a director of the town circus and etc.

Successful businessmen are M.I. Shadrin, S. Rubtsov, V.M. Sergeev and many others.


Work with future generation

The faculty pays great attention to the improvement of the quality of the students” knowledge. That is why the profile pedagogical classes are created at school № 86 in Novokuznetsk and at school № 2 in Mezhdurechensk. Experimental research work is also conducted at schools № 35, 47, and 73 in Novokuznetsk.

2 graduations of the technological college are realised at school № 21 in Mezhdurechensk.

The teachers of the faculty deliver the lectures according to the combined curriculums which are based on the curriculum of the higher school.


The Main Trends of the Development

of the Faculty and its Chairs:

"Improvement of preparing the teacher of technology and business"

"Socialization of schoolchildreninthe base schools"

“Improvement of the technical preparation of students”

Student's scientific conferences, competitions of student's research works are regularly carried out at our faculty.
  • Since the first year of training teachers involve students in research work.
  • The subjects of research works carried out by students are rather various-for example:" Computer and Music", "Stretching and Compression in Design", "What is Holography? ", " Application of the Laser in Medicine " etc.
  • The best research works of students are recommended for participation at the city and regional competitions of scientific student's works where they, as a rule, win prizes.
  • One of the purposes of educational system at our faculty, in our opinion, is creation of an atmosphere of work and beauty.
  • Annually the exhibition of student's works is organized at our faculty

we are teachers

first of all and

only then technologists

  • Teaching is a very specific and responsible occupation. It's a very valuable and challenging profession that requires complete dedication, love of the subject and lots of enthusiasm. Our main interest is the belief that education is very important for the success and progress of our society. The success of education and upbringing of children depends on the personality of the teacher, his professional skills, moral principles, and cultural background.
  • This noble profession demands from a teacher constant creativity, understanding of children. A good teacher treats his pupils with respect and values them as individuals.
  • The teacher must be a model of competence, so he is a person who is learning as well as teaching all his life. Most jobs can be done within the usual office hours, but teacher's work is never done and evenings are mostly spent marking exercise-books and preparing for the next lesson. It is also a stressful job because you have to encourage your pupils and keep them interested in the subject you teach. He understands that each child is unique and has special talents and capabilities. That's why he educates each pupil with special attention to his or her interests and encourages each one to make his best in life. He helps children to develop their critical and creative thinking, to form their views and characters, their attitudes to life and to other people. He teaches them to work independently, to be helpful. A good teacher will do his best to bring up honest and considerate,
  • patient and tactful, self-confident, objectively-minded and self-disciplined people, able to meet many challenges of adult life in a rapidly changing world.


  • On the previous page you saw the room in which we study the English language.
  • T.V. Borisova and S.A. Runova are our English teachers. They have developed the plan. Texts on exact and general understanding are offered to us. Texts on common understanding are usually taken from "Moscow News". We render them in English using cliché. Text on exact understanding are translated in a written form.
  • Also we translate texts, learn the words and do many grammar exercises at our English lessons.
  • All fulfilled tasks are marked in our plans.
  • Learning a foreign language is not an easy thing. It is a long and slow process that takes a lot of time and patience. Yet to know English today is absolutely necessary for every educated person, for every good specialist. We want to know foreign languages because we have always been interested in foreign countries, their cultures and peoples.

WE Like English!!!


COME to study

at the Kuzbass State Teacher's Training


  • You'll get a unique higher education al the Institution of the south of the Kemerovo region, preparing the pedagogical staff basically for this area and on some specialties for all Kuzbass. At 9 faculties of the Academy teachers with higher education on 13 basic and 10 additional specialties are prepared.
  • In 1996 under the petition of the Department of education of the region at the in Academy the training of teachers of history was renewed.
  • The training of teachers of computer science, business is licensed. In 1999 the training on the speciality "pedagogics and psychology" is carried out.
  • Essential elements of Faculty
  • Our address: 654027, Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk,

Pioneer's Str., 13 The phone: (3843) 74-18-60 Fax:(3843)74-18-60

  • Site: