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Public to Private Career Transition Lab

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Public to Private Career Transition Lab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public to Private Career Transition Lab. Alan A. Malinchak, CEO Maria J. Chaloux, President. Hands UP Exercise. Hands up, palms out Now bring them together and clap and hold like praying Rub up and down Clasp your fingers together, put on your lap or table, and look down

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public to private career transition lab

Public to PrivateCareer Transition Lab

Alan A. Malinchak, CEO

Maria J. Chaloux, President

hands up exercise
Hands UP Exercise
  • Hands up, palms out
  • Now bring them together and clap and hold like praying
  • Rub up and down
  • Clasp your fingers together, put on your lap or table, and look down
  • Is your right or left thumb on top?
  • Right thumb on top – passionate
  • Left thumb on top – sneaky
  • Thumbs side by side – passionate and sneaky
  • Put your opposite thumb on top – does not feel comfortable
    • Data and Information won’t effect Change
    • Emotional connection – seeing and feeling will effect Change
how many years months days to retirement has an impact on
How Many Years/Months/Days to Retirement? Has an Impact on…
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Drivers of a Career Transition
  • Financial Considerations

- Retirement Calculations

  • Knowing It’s Time
  • Emotional Factors
  • The Concept and Realities of Professional Reinvention
retirement drivers
Retirement Drivers
  • Voluntary
    • Eligible to Retire from Public/Military
    • Career Completion of Public/Military Commitment/Obligation
  • Involuntary
    • Mandatory Retirement from Government Agency / Military
    • Government Downsizing
    • Medical Issues
    • Family Concerns
    • Financial Concerns
financial considerations
Financial Considerations
  • Knowing Your Numbers
    • CSRS v FERS / Military Pension  
    • What $$ Will You Need Based on Your Circumstances
  • Determining Your Financial Living Plan
    • Have You Conducted a Current Assets/Liabilities Analysis?
    • Have You Conducted a Cash Flow Analysis?
    • What is the Salary You Will Need
      • Based on Above and Below
  • Determining How Long You Want/Need to Work
    • Factors to Consider
      • Children; Kids in College; Mortgage; Location to Live; etc.
          • List Them – Be Specific
financial retirement calculations
Financial /Retirement Calculations
  • Know Your Bi-Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Net Retirement Income
  • Can You Bank Your Retirement Salary and Live on Your New Private Industry Salary?
    • Determine if it Meets Your Goals/Expectations/Realities
    • Consider Benefits, Travel, Taxes, Commute/Parking Expenses
  • How Long from Your Government/Military Retirement until you are Fully Retired?
    • Pick an Age or Date/Year
    • Will your New Position Monies Get You There?
      • What type of position do you need to maintain or be better off financially
current timeline
Current Timeline
  • When do you anticipate leaving Public Service/Military?
    • How Much Time Do You Have to Prepare for Transition?
    • How Much Time Do You Have to Devote to Preparing for Your Transition?
    • Develop a Timeline Chart
      • Establish Accomplishable Goals/Objectives by Date and Length of Time to Complete

- Spoonfuls v Shovel Loads

- Meet Your Milestones or Re-Compute Timeline

  • Determine an Estimated Cost to Accomplish Your Goals/Objectives
    • e.g., Acquiring a Professional Certification Additional Degree
emotional factors
Emotional Factors
  • Loss of Identity
  • Leaving Your Comfort Zone, Leaving a Career Where you Have Experienced Success and Where You Believed You Were Making a Difference in the World
  • Leaving Your Personal and Professional Friends/Associates
  • Entering the Unknown
  • Developing New Personal and Professional Friends/Associates
  • Not Knowing What you Want to Do or are Qualified to Do
    • Feeling Unprepared and Unknowledgeable about Options
  • New Position = Different Culture, People, Procedures, Processes, Terminology, Job Responsibilities
  • Impact on Your Lifestyle
  • Starting Over
    • From the Top of Your Game to the FNG
    • Out With the Old – In With the New…
professional reinvention
Professional Reinvention
  • Reinvention could either be a Simple or Extreme Makeover
  • Required is Your Honest Self-Assessment and Analysis of…
      • What Do You Want to do in Your Next Career?
        • Corporate Position/Non-Profit/Entrepreneur
    • Your Gap Analysis of the Competencies Needed
    • What Skills/Resources/Financing Do You Need to Acquire?
    • What Professional Certifications/Academic Degrees are Required
    • Whether Continuing Educational Funds are Available to You NOW
      • What are the Requirements/Paybacks to Access these Funds?
      • Could you Fund these Professional Certifications/Degrees on Your Own
  • Begin to Create a Strategy/Timeline and Execute on How to Get There
the new world private industry
The New World – Private Industry
  • Profitability & Growth v Mission Focus
  • Economic Overview
  • State of the Employment Market
  • Drivers & Timing Factors for Corporate Hiring
  • Contract Factors
    • Business 101
economic overview
Economic Overview
  • Is the Overall Economy Expanding or Contracting?
    • US v Global Market Numbers
  • Government Budget Factors
    • Sequestration
    • Government Shutdowns
    • In-Sourcing v Out-Sourcing Contract Positions
    • 0% Raises last Several Years
  • Are Your Personal Economic Factors Tied to ANY of the above?
drivers timing factors for corporate hiring
Drivers & Timing Factors for Corporate Hiring
  • Mission Change - Market Change
    • War Effort to Health Care IT
      • e.g. SAIC, ManTech – bought new companies
      • New Focus on New Skill Sets
  • Government Budget
    • Private Companies Market Share
    • In-Sourcing v Out-Sourcing
  • Net Operating (BizOps) Budgets Shrink with a Company
  • Cost Cutting to
    • Appease Stock Analysts
    • Redirect Monies to Business Development (BD)
      • To Increase Market Share
    • Salary Cuts or Layoffs
private industry contract factors
Private Industry Contract Factors
  • Loss of re-compete
  • Unprofitable margins
  • Time and Materials or Cost Plus contracts converted to Firm Fixed Price
  • Individual
    • Not meeting position expectations or metrics
    • Not maintaining your professional certification
    • Personality conflicts with peers, subordinates, superiors or CLIENTS
      • Your behaviors are not aligned to corporate culture
gap analysis
Gap Analysis
  • Current Skills to Required Skills Comparison
    • Several Focused Tools On Internet
      • Professionals
      • Civilians
      • Military
    • Use Them All
certifications education clearances
Certifications /Education/Clearances
  • Professional Certifications
  • Additional Educational Degrees
  • Security Clearances
professional certifications additional educational degrees
Professional Certifications &Additional Educational Degrees
  • Professional Certifications
    • Project Management Professional (PMP)
    • Computer Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP)
    • Computer Operations Certifications
      • Network +, Security +, A+
    • Contracts Administration and Contracting Officer
      • Learn the FAR, especially sections L and M
      • Join the National Contract Management Association
    • Acquisition Professional
    • Professional Human Resources (PHR) and Strategic/Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR)
  • Additional Educational Degrees
    • Needed/Leveraged
security clearances
Security Clearances
  • The Necessity of Timing
    • When Was Your Last 5 Year Re-Investigation?
      • Malinchak Story
  • The Value of Having
    • What is it Worth?
  • Knowing and Expanding Your Network
    • Identify Your Trusted Friends
    • Leverage Even Your “Strength of Weak Ties”
    • Pursue Professional Contacts
    • Strategically Expand Your Network
      • Geographical Location You Want To Work
      • Industry You Want To Work In
      • Function, Project or Program You Want To Work In
      • Companies You Want To Work For
  • Professional Networking
professional networking
Professional Networking
  • Professional Associations
    • Memberships
  • Board Memberships at Non-Profits
  • Social Media
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Volunteering within your Targeted Profession
  • Attending Professional Events
    • Investing Nights/Weekends
  • Establishing Relationships with Recruiters
resources job boards fairs recruiters and career counseling
Resources: Job Boards/FairsRecruiters and Career Counseling
  • Job Boards
    • Large – Global Cross-Industry
    • Specialized – Regional or Industry Specific
    • Aggregators - Consolidate Job Openings from Large and Specialized Job Boards
    • Individual Company Career Portals
  • Job Fairs
constructing your resume for private industry
Constructing Your Resume for Private Industry
  • Standard Components of a Business Resume
    • Objective/Certifications/Clearances
      • 2-3 sentence narrative summary
    • Strengths/Overview
    • Experience
    • Certification and Education
    • Publications
    • Professional Associations/Memberships/Boards
  • Options
    • Outsource to a Professional
    • Write it Yourself and send to Resume Editor
when did you interview last
When Did You Interview Last?
  • Understanding the Behavioral and Communication Clues of the Hiring Manager
    • Prepare Using “DiSC Personality Diagnostic”
  • Stages of Interviewing
    • The PRE
    • The Interview
    • The POST
pre interview
Pre- Interview
  • Preparation
    • Research the company, e.g.,
    • Research the company website
      • Know the company inside and out
  • Self-Practice your Interview
    • Anticipate questions you will be asked
    • Prepare questions about the company for the interviewer
      • What and How: Behavior Based Responses
    • Body Language
    • Anticipate Questions from Hiring Manager
  • Day of Interview
    • Image/Body Language
    • Avoid Negative and Irrelevant Issues
    • Be Aware of your Internal “Self Talk” – Stay Positive
    • Be On-Point and Concise when Responding to Questions
    • Closing the Interview
      • Asking Where You Are in the Process?
      • Anticipated Timeline for a Hiring Decision?
      • Who is the POC for updated contacts?
post interview
  • Within 24 Hours
    • Thank You Email
    • Hand Written Thank You Note
  • Follow-Up Every 2-4 Weeks
    • Phone/Email
      • Reiterate Your Interest/Status of Your Candidacy
      • Internal Recruiter
      • Hiring Manager
  • Companies Usually Interview Several Candidates
    • Over a Long Period of Time
  • Everything is Negotiable
  • Knowing What is Negotiable is Continually Changing
a day in the life
A Day in the Life…
  • Preparation for a Day in the Life of Your Future Career
  • Business Realities
    • Commute/Cubicle/Office Setting/Parking Costs
    • 24/7 availability vs 8 to 5
  • Future Realities
    • Starting from Scratch aka FNG!
  • Your New Business Mindset
  • Translate Current Skills to Business Needs
summary take aways
Summary Take Aways
  • Change is Hard
  • Reinvention
    • What You Were is NOT What You Will Be
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Expand Your Network
    • Rely on Trusted Friends and Professionals
  • New Careers Come From Opportunity and Planning
    • Looking for a New Career is a Full-Time Job
    • Avoid the 6 P’s
  • Your Resume is NOT Permanent
    • Align it to Each Specific Position You Apply
clat transitions llc contact info
Éclat Transitions LLC Contact Info

It’s Only The Beginning!

  • or
  • Alan A. Malinchak - CEO
    • 571-221-4095
  • Maria J. Chaloux - President
    • 703-819-0458