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The Power Of Advertising & Marketing

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The Power Of Advertising & Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Power Of Advertising & Marketing. By: Sevak Dhaliwal. Introduction. “We can try not to be swayed by advertising and marketing, but no matter what we do, we are all affected by attempts to manipulate our subconscious. Even when we believe we are immune to manipulation, we are not.”.

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  • “We can try not to be swayed by advertising and marketing, but no matter what we do, we are all affected by attempts to manipulate our subconscious. Even when we believe we are immune to manipulation, we are not.”

This image shows a few logos that we see in our everyday lives, which are always around us.

advertisements everyhere
Advertisements (EVERYHERE!)

Companies advertise their products through many mediums such as: radio, magazines, billboards, the Internet, newspapers, and most popularly, movies & television. Also throughbillboards, TV ads, movies, radio, magazines, newspapers, posters, taxi doors, bus stop benches, the sides of buses, those annoying internet pop ups and flyers that are posted everywhere. These advertisers have one goal, and one goal only… to win the race to grab your brain! And that explains why there are an infinite # of ads all around us.

This image is used in the short YouTube film “Logorama”, a great representation of the marketing all around us, and the society we live in.

too good to be true
Too Good To Be True

Marketers will do whatever it takes to attract customers, by using celebrities, making the food look better than it actually is, basically bending the truth. In many cases, especially for females, marketers take models and superstars, and use Photoshop to its max, to show consumers what they should look like. Although its all fake and Photoshopped, many consumers don’t see that, and simply cannot get past the gorgeous image of the beautiful, perfect body in the image that is used to sell the product. This shows that marketers care about selling, not the product, nor the consumers.

Here is a perfect example how a famous celebrity’s (Kim Kardashian) body is photoshopped, to make her look ‘perfect’ in the eyes of the viewers.

here are some more images of marketers bending the truth
Here are some more images of marketers ‘bending the truth’:

Before & After


Real life: ….. Advertised as:

taking i t t o t he n ext level
Taking It To The Next Level!
  • It seems as if when every day goes by, marketers learn and figure out how to outdo their peers, and themselves. That’s exactly what comes to my mind when looking at this picture. An advertisement of a cup of Folger’s coffee was placed on top of a manhole in the street of New York giving the illusion of an actual cup of coffee due to the steam coming out of the holes in the advertisement. Marketers are always looking to find and create ways to outdo and beat their oh so many competitors. Because of this competition, advertisements all around the world are always drastically increasing!
  • There are many resources and websites to find ‘the truth’ about marketing and advertising, as all of us are around it, and some became aware and took an initiative to put the background of it online. Marketing goes way back to the mid early 1900’s, as many countries used it to sway people into joining or supporting their army, and their country. Propaganda was huge back then, and can somewhat be found today. Many advertisements show ‘us’ that we are not perfect, or even close to, and in order to look or be the best, you need the product that is being sold. Marketing has been going on forever it seems, and there definitely are no signs of it slowing down!
evolution trends of brand management
Evolution & Trends of Brand Management

Brand management is continuously evolving as the economy changes and requires new approaches and other ways of thinking. Today the competitive landscape has become much more complex as companies compete around the globe and across industries online. Meanwhile brands have been acknowledged as an essential part of every business model, and lead to an infinite number of strong brands along with the development of new patterns and trends in brand management. Almost every company looks at graphs, history, and statistics to sell their products properly, and to the right buyers. Its their way of figuring out which are the easiest and best age group of types of people to target.