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Research Administration Town Hall

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Research Administration Town Hall. BSLC, RM 001 924 East 57th Street March 24, 2010 9:30-11:00 am. Agenda. URA Updates Sponsored Award Accounting Updates AURA Updates Open Question & Answer Session. URA Updates. Office Updates URA Website Communications with Sponsors

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research administration town hall

Research AdministrationTown Hall

BSLC, RM 001

924 East 57th Street

March 24, 2010

9:30-11:00 am

  • URA Updates
  • Sponsored Award Accounting Updates
  • AURA Updates
  • Open Question & Answer Session
ura updates
URA Updates
  • Office Updates
  • URA Website
  • Communications with Sponsors
  • PI Eligibility Changes
  • New Transmittal Forms
  • GrantsXpress Live
ura website re design
URA Website Re-Design
  • To make it easier to find information
    • Better search-ability
    • An architecture that facilitates the search for information
  • To increase functionality of site
    • Home page more interactive – quick links, announcements and news sections, agency-specific information
  • To improve site “look and feel”
    • More modern and university-branded design that will improve the overall use of the website
contact information
Contact Information
  • Vanessa Rook:
  • Lynda Wolter:

If you have additional questions or ideas about the website redesign, please use the Contact Us section of the URA website to send us a message!

communication with sponsors
Communication with Sponsors
  • Agency Grant Specialist

Agency Program Director






pi eligibility changes
PI Eligibility Changes
  • Guidelines for Grant & Contract Management, Policy 201 Updated March 2010

Policy: Full time, salaried academics with the titles Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor, Senior Scientist, Senior Research Associate, Research Scientist, or Research Associate with parenthetical rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor are eligible to serve as principal investigator on proposals submitted to any outside funding agency in support of research, training, or other sponsored activities. [Note: Requests for early Principal Investigator status (for current employees who are expected to be promoted to a PI-eligible position in the near future) must be accompanied by a conditional letter of offer].

new transmittal forms
New Transmittal Forms
  • New PTF Assurance in Section X. Declarations: 

PI represents that neither PI nor any other Key Person listed on the proposal is presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from receiving federal monies.

  • PTF, CTTF and MTA forms have all been updated and posted on URA Website.

sponsored award accounting update
Sponsored Award Accounting Update
  • A-133 Audits
  • Annual Certification Statements
  • Summer Salaries
  • F&A Rate Update
  • Vendor Lookup Website Changes
a 133 audits
A-133 Audits
  • FY 2009
      • No findings
  • What do Auditors examine
      • Compensation expense: Were effort reports (Annual Certification Statements) completed? Did key personnel fulfill commitments?
      • Procurements: Were University policies followed? For equipment acquisitions was an equipment screening performed and documented and were property tags affixed ?
      • Cost transfers: Were University policies followed? Is there any indicators that transfer was done to use up available funds?
      • Reporting: Were financial, technical and other reports completed?
      • Eligibility: Were award participants (e.g. training award trainees) eligible to participate?
      • Matching: Were cost sharing requirements met?
      • Program income: Was program income accounted for and use in accordance with award terms?
      • Subrecipient monitoring: How were subrecipients monitored?
      • Special provisions: Were special provisions met?
annual certification statements
Annual Certification Statements
  • FY2009
    • 95% of ACS’s were completed on time.
    • 98% were completed within one week of due date.
    • 99% were completed within 1 month of due date
    • Remaining 1% had problems that are being actively managed.
summer salaries
Summer Salaries
  • Policy implemented last summer remains in force.
    • No more than 95% of any summer month payment—even if the summer month payment reflects a reduction from the normal monthly pay rate—can be charged to sponsored awards.
    • Summer salary is limited to 2.5 months
    • Exceptions must be approved by dean and Provost Office.
  • Faculty effort that may not be charged to sponsored award
    • Vacation, teaching, non award administration activities, another award’s proposal preparation, and travel unrelated to award
f a rate update
F&A Rate Update
  • Fixed F&A rates run through FY11
  • Next F&A Rate Proposal will be based upon FY10 Actual Costs. Will serve as basis for negotiating FY12 and later rates.
  • Major Impacts on FY10 rate calculation:
    • Large increase in base due in part to ARRA funding
    • New and renovated buildings
      • KCBD
      • Searle
    • Space study
      • Space study is being conducted now
      • Research utilization is driven by:
        • Occupant information in BSD and PSD
        • Research salaries in other units
vendor lookup web site changes
Vendor Lookup Web Site Changes
  • Lookup now allows search by Minority Business Code
  • Other search criteria:
    • Vendor name
    • City
    • State
    • Product or service
    • AP Vendor No.
  • Access at

Or through Financial Services or AdminNet Web sites

aura update
AURA Update
  • AURA Background and Scope
  • AURA-GrantsXpress
  • AURA-Full Grants
what is the aura project
What is the AURA project?

Overall project AURA objectives:

  • Streamline and automate research administration
    • Proposal Development
      • System to system submission to (federal grant portal)
      • On-line proposal development
      • On-line proposal routing on campus
      • Easier budget development
    • Protocol Management
      • On-line protocol creation
      • On-line IRB committee meeting management
  • Robust reporting on research administration activities
  • Reduce the administrative burden on faculty and staff
  • Reduce the regulatory compliance risk for the University
aura functional scope
AURA Functional Scope

There will be 3 key rollouts over the 2.5 year project to implement the business improvement process for the approved scope.

aura grantsxpress
  • Proposal development of new, renewal and resubmissions of NIH R, K (select) and F-series applications
    • Funding Proposal (the new PTF)
    • SF424 Generation
  • Process automation – on-campus routing and approval
  • System-to-System Submission to
  • Limited transactional reporting on submission status
  • AURA-GrantsXpress Pilot groups began submitting in January 2010
    • 19 proposals submitted to date
aura grantsxpress rollout plan
AURA-GrantsXpress Rollout Plan

Group 3: Psychiatry, Harris Grad. Sch. Public Policy Studies, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Organismal Biology & Anatomy, Pediatrics, Radiation Oncology, Surgery, Humanities

Group 4: BSD Centers and Institutes (CHESS, UCCRC), Argonne National Laboratory, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Chapin Hall, Computation Institute,

Ecology & Evolution, Family Medicine, Health Studies

The role assignment worksheet is available at:

If your department is missing from the list, please contact Lynda (

aura grantsxpress training resources
AURA-GrantsXpress Training Resources
  • Web-modules

1. Grants Xpress Login

2. Workspace/Navigation/Executing Activities

3. Generating SF424

4. Approval Process

a) Unit (Departmental) Approval

b) URA Approval

5. PI- COI/Assurances Activities

6. Final Preparation

  • Computer Lab Sessions
    • Schedule on AURA Website (
  • Training Resources on AURA website
    • Quick reference Guides
    • Checklists
aura gx vs full grants
AURA GX vs. Full Grants

Additional Full Grants Scope



GX=NIH R,K, F series

(new, renewal and resubmission)


Full Grants Estimated Phase Timeline and Key Activities


Plan and Analyze



Test and Final Prep

Deliver and Stabilize

business advisory committee
Business Advisory Committee

Primary Roles and Responsibilities

  • Serves as liaison between the project and business
  • Act as change agents for the project to the business
  • Provide specific area and process knowledge (SME)
  • Provide ongoing validation and clarity of process design and requirements to ensure business needs are being met
  • Participate in design and requirement gathering sessions, where appropriate
  • Advise and advocate policy change, as needed
  • Assist in organizational change management activities, as needed
faculty advisory group
Faculty Advisory Group
  • Faculty Advisory Group
    • Serve as advisors for any relevant outstanding design decisions
    • Participate in relevant design sessions or appoint other faculty member attendees
    • Assist in communicating AURA application changes to peer community
    • Review change management materials as appropriate

AURA Full Grants Reporting Roll-Out Strategy

There will be two key Reporting rollouts for Full Grants