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On a Mission

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On a Mission
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On a Mission

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  1. On a Mission “Game of the Year”

  2. Characters Dr. Robotor is the enemy in the game and his mission is to stop Spaceman Clive from collecting the keys which in turn allow you to reach the Galactico Universe. Dr. Robotor has had a tough life and was brought up by his parents with death and evil in his life. This has resulted in evil running through him and wanting to cause mass destruction to everything and everyone. It is down to Spaceman Clive to reach the Galactico Universe and destroy Dr. Robotor. Spaceman Clive is the typical good guy that everybody loves and he is out to stop Dr. Robotor from destroying the Universe. The whole Universe is relying on Clive to save them from Dr. Robotor and it is just Clive and his Ray Gun 2.0 from stopping the world we know today from becoming a world we don’t!

  3. Background story A group of travellers pass through a flux infused wormhole but what will greet them when they arrive?

  4. Controls

  5. Objectives Your mission is to control Spaceman Clive and collect as many coins as possible whilst completing each level successfully. The weight of the world rests on the shoulders of Clive and he is the only one who can stop Dr. Robotor from taking over the Universe! With Clive’s trusty Ray Gun 2.0 by his side anything is possible…