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Baylor Balloons and Flowers. Background Information. History. Originally established on Speight Avenue/11 th St. Acquired by Kathy Dove in 2000 Moved to Bagby Ave./4 th Street Hours: M-F 9 a.m. to p.m. Sat 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Closed Sunday. Scope & Purpose.

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Originally established on Speight Avenue/11th St.

Acquired by Kathy Dove in 2000

Moved to Bagby Ave./4th Street

Hours: M-F 9 a.m. to p.m. Sat 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Closed Sunday

Scope purpose
Scope & Purpose

Meet unsatisfied niche of student population

Mission statement: To provide quality, beautiful floral arrangements to members of the Baylor and Waco community.

Also offers other merchandise that complement floral purchases.

100% satisfaction guarantee on all floral and gift items.

Major products and services offered
Major Products and Services Offered

Cut flowers

Floral arrangements

Potted plants

Helium latex/Mylar balloons

Gourmet fruit baskets

Plush animals


Sorority paraphernalia

Chocolate truffles

Delivery service

Retail establishment layout
Retail Establishment Layout

Main cut flower displays

Refrigerated cooler

Merchandise displays

Payment counter

Design area

Consultation area

Managerial structure
Managerial Structure


Student Employees



Target markets
Target Markets

  • Baylor Students

    • Most homogeneous group

  • Baylor Faculty

  • Parents of Baylor Students

About the purchase
About the Purchase

  • Two ways to purchase

    • In Store

    • Online

  • Primary use

    • Gifts

    • Decoration


  • Internet

    • Social Media

      • Increase interaction with customers

      • Easy and free

    • Online ordering

      • Increase retail range

      • Customers see products

Contact with customers
Contact With Customers

  • Social Media

    • Interaction via Facebook

    • Daily & Weekly promotions

  • CRM

    • Gather information from online sales

    • In store

Major competitors
Major Competitors

Other Florists in Waco

Grocery Stores

Online Flower Shops

Waco florists
Waco Florists

  • Competition based on history and internet presence

    • Baylor Flowers, 35 years

    • Reeds, 80 years

    • Croziers, 50 years

    • Rosetree, 20 years

    • Bloomingals, 8 years

  • Specialized arrangements, typically more expensive

Grocery stores
Grocery Stores

  • Simpler, less expensive arrangements that customers must put together themselves

    • HEB

    • Wal-Mart

    • Target

  • Not always the high quality that can be provided by a florist

  • No internet presence

Online florists
Online Florists

  • Similar arrangement styles and pricing as brick-and-mortar stores

    • 1 (800) Flowers

    • ProFlowers

    • FTD

    • TeleFlora

  • Allows customers to order anytime and provides an easy, efficient system

  • Cuts down on human error in information input

Market position


  • Croziers

  • Bloomingals

  • Reeds



  • Rosetree

  • Baylor Flowers

  • 1 (800) Flowers

  • FTD

  • HEB

  • Target


  • Wal-Mart

  • ProFlowers

Market Position

Market position1
Market Position

Similarly placed with other Waco florists and online ventures

More expensive than a supermarket

Overall position is positively placed among competitors

Economic stability
Economic Stability

  • Floral industry as a whole falling by approximately 3.6% yearly for the past 5 years

    • Threats by supermarkets and online ventures

    • Diminishing disposable income due to economic recession and cutting spending on non-necessities

  • Florists cutting prices by up to 70%, creating a ripple effect on loss of revenue

  • Need to keep up with change in technology and stay price sensitive to stay in operation

Political issues
Political Issues

  • International tariffs with Colombia, who holds 65% of imported flower market, and Ecuador

    • US/Colombia FTA signed April 2011 will phase out tariffs over next 10 years

  • National Floriculture and Nursery Research Initiative

    • $6.25 million per year

    • Improve product quality and enhance competitiveness

    • Improve crop production tools

    • Provide protection against pests and diseases

    • Promote environmental stewardship

Legal issues
Legal Issues

National Antitrust laws

Americans With Disabilities Act

Taxes & transport fees

Regulatory issues
Regulatory Issues

  • Quarantine 37

    • Targets horticulture and livestock that could bring invasive diseases and pests at port

    • Florists must deal with reputable growers to insure they get the supplies they need


  • Name with “Baylor” in it

    • Provides affiliation with school

  • Location

    • In “Baylor Bubble” furthering school connection

  • Quality

  • History

    • In business for 35 years with a solid reputation

  • Sponsor of Baylor Athletics


  • Advertising

    • No strong, effective advertising campaign to draw in new customers

  • Lack of Baylor Directory

    • Hard to target parents with direct mail

  • Small Market

    • Strong competition from local florists

  • Grandfather Clause

    • Forced to keep “Balloons” in name which could convey the idea of lower quality service


  • Social Media

    • Reach largest target market, students, more successfully

    • More options than traditional advertising

  • Online Presence

  • Unified Appearance

    • Current logos not cohesive

  • US/Colombia FTA

    • Pass tariffs on to customers


  • Loyalty to Other Florists

    • Many historical florists in Waco that clients have stronger loyalties to

    • Florals are a relationship business

  • Online Retailers

    • Pricing and convenience

  • Grocery Stores

  • Reliance on Disposable Income

    • Cannot control economy but can price to continue to attract customers

Product mix
Product Mix

Wide range of products, not just flowers

Website increases variety of flowers carried

Offers inexpensive and highly priced flowers


Difficulty marketing to students and faculty

Heavy advertising during Homecoming and Parents Weekend

Lack of uniformity in advertisements

Research needed
Research Needed

Facebook statistics

Twitter statistics

Web site statistics

Market research

Recommended changes
Recommended Changes

Word of mouth campaign by Utilizing Facebook and Twitter more efficiently

Reach students and faculty more aggressively

Create homogeneous advertisements

Handcuffed by lack of funding

Priority of issues confronting the company

Priority of Issues Confronting the Company

Company name
Company Name

One of few with “Baylor” in title

Remove “Balloons”

Make name simply: “Baylor Flowers”


Company website

Established Facebook account

In process of setting up Twitter account

Product issues
Product Issues

Products vary all the time

Need to have staple products

Pricing issues
Pricing Issues

No set prices

Based on shipping costs and tariffs

Be more “student-friendly”

Advertising and promotion issues
Advertising and Promotion Issues

No access to Baylor students’ home addresses

For online purchases, suggest e-mail list

Facebook, Twitter

The Lariat, Waco Tribune-Herald

Specific promotion and marketing strategies
Specific Promotion and Marketing Strategies

  • Facebook

    • Increase number of fans

    • Utilize page to dost daily deals and specials

    • Post pictures

  • Twitter

    • Updated more frequently than Facebook

    • Daily deals

    • Trivia questions

    • Retweets

  • Lariat

    • Advertisement

    • Coupon Thursday

  • Direct e-mail

    • Newsletter

    • Promotions

    • Reminders

Promotional strategy for each segment
Promotional Strategy for Each Segment

  • Social Media

    • Students

  • Print Media

    • Students & Faculty

  • Customer Database

    • Parents

  • New Logo

    • All Segments

Goals and expectations
Goals and Expectations

Higher in-store traffic

Larger promotions

Increase orders by 10% for next year