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WCMS Dance Expectations PowerPoint Presentation
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WCMS Dance Expectations

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WCMS Dance Expectations
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WCMS Dance Expectations

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  1. WCMS Dance Expectations We offer about 5 dances throughout the year, always with the same expectations, to keep you safe and allow you to have fun!

  2. Lining Up • Students wait outside until the doors are opened. (Please do not arrive until 6:55pm). • Form two lines ~ exact change ($5) and needs change (larger bills). • Please, no pushing. Everyone will get in!

  3. Concessions • We sell candy and soda at all of the dances. • Pizza sales occur at some dances (we will let you know if we are NOT selling pizza) • Eat and drink before you re-enter the gym area. • Dispose of all your garbage in the trash cans.

  4. What NOT to wear! • You may wear whatever is allowed at school. • If you can’t wear it at school, you can’t wear it at a dance. • Hats are the exception and may be worn rim forward only.

  5. Basic Rules • MS Dances are not the same as gym class ~ do not run. • Be respectful of others. Everyone has come to have a good time! • Keep the drama out of the dances. We are there for fun ~ no crying, fighting or arguing will be tolerated. You will be taken to the office and your parents will be called.

  6. Dancing • There will be 4-5 slow dances played at each dance. You should be 12 inches away from your partner with hands on the shoulders and hips.  • No dangerous dancing, such as slam dancing or any contact dancing. • No inappropriate dancing, such as grinding.

  7. Respecting our DJ • There will be a request table to write down your requests. • Please do not bother the DJ with personal requests, write them down. • Stay 2 feet away from the DJ equipment so as to keep it safe. • There are certain songs that are simply NOT appropriate for a school setting and they will NOT be played.

  8. Cell Phones • Cell phones may be brought to the dance, but not used during the dance. • Any cell phones out during the dance will be taken away until the end. • Calls home must be made through the office.

  9. Chaperones • We require 30 chaperones to hold a dance. • Chaperones are there to have fun too ~ be respectful to all. They have given up their time so you can have fun! • Chaperones check in with Ms. Miller by 6:45 for location assignments.

  10. Leaving a Dance • Dances are from 7-9pm. Please arrive by 7:15 at the latest. (If you are with a school event like football, basketball, volleyball, etc. we will expect you after the bus returns). • When you enter the dance, you are committing to stay the entire time. • If you are a behavioral problem during the dance, your parents will be called to pick you up. • If you need to call a parent, you must go through the office…not a cell phone (except for after the dance is over).