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Strategic Planning PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning

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  1. Strategic Planning Large Staff Meeting July 27, 2017

  2. Background • City Council Retreat -The Mayor, City Council, City Manager's Office, and Department Heads spent two days participating in our Annual City Council Retreat in February. • We spent a significant amount of time working through the beginning of a strategic planning process. • Over the two days, we worked collectively with a professional consultant to redefine the City's Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals.  We will be building on this foundation together as a City to establish objectives and measurable initiatives.

  3. What is Strategic Planning?

  4. What is Strategic Planning? • Strategic planning is the process by which leaders of an organization, such as a local government, determine what it intends to be in the future and how it will get there. • It involves developing a mission and vision for the organization's future and establishing the necessary goals, priorities, and action strategies to achieve the mission and vision.

  5. What is Strategic Planning? A strategic plan serves as a community’s roadmap and is used to prioritize initiatives, resources, goals, and department operations and projects. The strategic plan is a big-picture document directing efforts and resources toward a clearly defined mission and vision.

  6. Definition of Terms: Mission: Purpose;fundamental reason for existence Vision: A word picture of the future you hope to create or influence Values: Principles that govern behavior and the way we do business Goals: Broad Statements of measurable outcome to be achieved on behalf of those we serve Objectives: Statements of what you must do well or barriers to overcome in order to achieve the goals (Grounded in reality) Initiatives: Actionable effort that when executed will influence the objectives and impact the goals Performance Measures: Meaningful indicators that assess progress T I M I N G M E A S U R E S

  7. Strategic Plan Results

  8. Mission The City provides services, promotes equality, and protects the well-being of all citizens for a better tomorrow.

  9. Vision An extraordinary diverse citizen experience.

  10. Values • Customer-focused • Integrity • Professionalism

  11. Goals • Safe and secure community • Strong and diverse economy • Exceptional quality of life • Racial and cultural harmony • Model for excellence in government

  12. Next Steps

  13. Oversight and Rollout Team Leaders Tracie Davis- Marketing and Communications Director Julie Metz-Downtown Development Director, City of Goldsboro, Executive Director, Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation Shycole Simpson-Carter- Community Relations Director Mike West- Chief of Police Mike Wagner-Interim Public Utilities Director Ashlin Glatthar -Goldsboro Wayne County Travel and Tourism

  14. Oversight and Rollout • Finalize and adopt the plan • Launch the plan • Align existing projects and programs with the goals • Determine how to align future initiatives with the plan

  15. Values Examples

  16. Questions?