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The types of appeals used in advertising are ethical, logical and _______. Put your answer on the top post’s comments section at Tonight’s question. Advertising extra credit. CMAT 131 Prof. Cox. Split into pairs by gender

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Tonight s question

Tonight’s question

Advertising extra credit

Advertising extra credit logical and _______.

CMAT 131

Prof. Cox

Your assignment

  • Split into pairs by gender logical and _______.

  • Create a shoe advertisement for the opposite gender

  • You are representing Converse

  • Produce 1 30-second TV ad (1 pic)

  • Men’s ads in SportsCenter. Women’s ads in ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

  • Pick the shoe type you believe will be desirable for each audience.

  • No stereotypical language.

  • Due Tuesday in hard copy @ start of class

Your assignment

2 nd half of assignment

  • Explain the choices you made in a ... logical and _______.

  • 150-word talk, written to be read out loud as if at an advertising conference.

  • Tell us what kind of sell you are making? Logical? Emotional? Ethical?

  • What attributes you were trying to highlight?

  • Why you think it will appeal to the opposite sex (beware: land mines!)

2nd half of assignment

Things to consider

  • Are you talking down to your audience? logical and _______.

  • How will you capture their attention and keep it?

  • Formatting varies from agency to agency. So use the same format we used for the TV news segments (2 columns, video on left, audio on right. “VO,” “OC” and “SOT” may be used)

  • You’re the creative director. So I won’t be giving you your shots. You create them. So be descriptive enough that I/we get the idea of what you’re trying to do.

Things to consider