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  1. ACID RAIN By: Acacia Nikiel

  2. What is Acid Rain? • Acid rain is when Acidic gases are evaporated into the air, it gets mixed with rain water from clouds and when the cloud gets heavy it rains but if acidic gases are within the cloud sometimes it could become Acid rain.

  3. What causes Acid Rain? • Acid rain is caused by Pollution from cars, Greenhouse gases and factories etc..

  4. What harm does Acid Rain cause? • It pollutes water bodies so it would affect aquatic life and drinking water. • It eats away plants and/or poisons them. Makes plants have stunted growth which then withers and dies. • Buildings and Statues will be corroded because of Acid Rain. • Finally, It gives Human beings skin problems and breathing issues.

  5. What kinds of Acids are in Acid Rain? • The main acids that happen to be in Acid rain are; • Sulphric acid (SO2) When Sulphric acid gets into contact with Water (H2O) it creates Sulphur dioxides which is in Acid rain. • Nitric Acid (NO) When Nitric Acid reacts to water (H2O) it creates Nitrous oxide which is in Acid Rain. • Lastly Carbonic acid (CO) When Carbonic acid is mixed with water (H2O) it creates Carbon monoxide which happened to be in Acid Rain.

  6. How can we prevent Acid Rain? • We can start using electrical cars and bikes everyday. We can also walk. We make sure not to litter or pollute the earth, factories must be careful which acids they’re using and how they use them. Basically reduce green house gases, pollution and some uses of chemicals.

  7. This Power point was made by • This Power point was made by Acacia Nikiel Science 7C November 19th 2012