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World War I through posters

World War I through posters. francesca derla , liceo enriques. Recruitment posters. Aiming at encouraging people to volunteer Initially successful In use for all the duration of the war. Recruitment posters. Conscription introduced in 1916. Professional army. BUT.

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World War I through posters

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  1. World War I throughposters francescaderla, liceo enriques

  2. Recruitmentposters • Aiming at encouraging people tovolunteer • Initiallysuccessful • In useforall the durationof the war

  3. Recruitmentposters • Conscriptionintroduced in 1916 • Professional army BUT

  4. Recruitmentposters • Postersencouraged people toenlist, justifiedinvolvement, urgedresponsibleaction

  5. Goodreasonsforenlisting • Stress on pride in serving and a senseofmoral duty

  6. ….apointing finger

  7. Whyfightforyourhomeland? • Stress on • the beautyof the motherland • Whattheywouldlosewere England tobedefeated

  8. Women and the War • Servingwouldmake a soldiermore attractiveto women

  9. Women and the War • Women werealsourgedto take up responsibility • Doingmen’s jobsin factories and heavyindustry

  10. The stigma ofcowardice • Wherewereyou • during the war? • Staying at home wouldresult in feelingsofguilt and shame

  11. The enemy in the propaganda • Stress on the brutalityand the crueltyof the enemy

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