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Logistics, Trade and Transportation Symposium 2014

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Logistics, Trade and Transportation Symposium 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Logistics, Trade and Transportation Symposium 2014. Mi nimize Freight Logistics Disruptions during Highway Construction Using Building Information Models (BIM). University of Mississippi’s Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation Hattiesburg, MS.

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logistics trade and transportation symposium 2014

Logistics, Trade and Transportation Symposium 2014

Minimize Freight Logistics Disruptions during Highway Construction Using Building Information Models (BIM)

University of Mississippi’s Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation

Hattiesburg, MS

Nancy Bounds, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, School of Construction

Dr. Tulio Sulbaran, Director of the Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation

University of Southern Mississippi

nancy.bounds@usm.edu or tulio.sulbaran@usm.edu Phone: 601-266-4430

  • Advances in BIM can assist Freight Logistics departments in route planning
  • Current and near future BIM technology interoperability
  • Adoption of BIM by Highway Departments
  • Cost savings in highway construction realized through Integrated Project Delivery due to BIM usage
  • Visualization of the “road ahead” through 3D and 4D modeling as a logistic and safety benefit to the trucking industry.

Building information modeling, or BIM, describes 3 dimensional visual computer models that are capable of retaining data about each object.

  • How highway construction projects affect route selection
  • How BIM adoption is affecting Civil Engineering
  • Cost savings associated with BIM adoption
  • How BIM is being implemented by Federal and State Highway departments
  • Role of BIM to reduce freight logistics disruptions during highway construction
  • Summary
route selection

The Traveling Salesman Problem

The TSP is a mathematical problem that describes the best possible route for the Traveling Salesman to take. Websites and iPhone apps are created around this phenomena.

Route Selection is critical to planning delivery time


Route Selection



route s election deviation
Route selection deviation

Frequency of reasons given by the driver

for deviation from a predetermined route, by vehicle size

Example of BIM visualization

Artenze, T., Feng, T., Robroeks, J., van Brakel, M., Huibers,R., 2012. “Compliance with and Influence of a

New In-Car Navigation System For Trucks: Results Of A Field Test.” Transport Policy 23, 42-49.


Infrastructure Issues

American Society of Civil Engineers

This document represents the report card for America’s infrastructureReport cites the negative effects of traffic congestion due to undersized and under-maintained roadsThese negative effects equate to lost jobs and lost productivity for workers and added frustration among truckers and the publicMore roadwork ahead, more construction delays on trucking routes.Funding gaps identified could be addressed through road work cost savings from BIM adoption. However, BIM’s adoption could also benefit the trucking industry and the consumer through making visual data available about road construction


BIM’s Interoperability

  • Examples of computer formats that can receive data from BIM:
  • Spreadsheets
  • Database programs
  • IFC (Industry Foundation Class) translator
  • Visual Basic
  • Navisworks


All stakeholders in a project can access data created and stored in the 3D/4D model.

Queries can include scheduling, quantities, costs and other parameters that the project team agrees to track.


civil works adopt bim
Civil Works adopt BIM

BIM is not just a technology change but also a process change

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has adopted the 3D Modeling platform for its highway construction projects.



collaboration cost savings
Collaboration = Cost Savings

“The BIM approach saved millions of pounds in programme efficiencies and helped to deliver the project ahead of time and within budget.”

The M25 London Orbital Motorway


bim and highway construction

BIM and Highway Construction

Major contractors are adopting BIM for highway construction projects.

Subassemblies were modeled and then produced from a BIM program and coordinated with geospatial technology.


road design simulation
Road design simulation

Kang, L., Moon, H., Dawood, N. ,Kang, M., 2010. “Development of Methodology and Virtual System for

Optimized Simulation of Road Design Data.” Automation in Construction, 1000-1015.

model combined with time schedule
Model combined with Time Schedule

Kang, L., Moon, H., Park, S., Kim, C. , Lee, T., 2010. “Improved Link System between Schedule Data and

3d Object in 4d CAD System Using WBS Code.” KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 803-814

civil engineering interface
Civil Engineering interface

“When the Civil 3D design model is updated, all the related objects and annotation are updated as well. All the contours, the spot elevations, the building's finished floor elevation, , the utility profiles, the pond volumes, and the earthwork volumes -- they are all updated without manual intervention, producing a consistent, coordinated site design and documentation set. “ Autocad documentation, Retrieved 2013


summary the road ahead

BIM maturity is reaching a level that Civil engineering is willing to adopt 3D modeling. Government entities are beginning to understand the ability of BIM to reduce construction time, reduce change orders and more accurately provide information usable by many.

The 3D and VR abilities of BIM are simple compared to other BIM interoperability goals. Therefore, visualization and simulation are excellent tools, when combined with time schedule information, that freight dispatchers and the general public may use to see the virtual “road ahead”.

Summary – The Road Ahead