from where i was born to what movie is my favorite n.
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Introduction to Me PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Me

Introduction to Me

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Introduction to Me

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  1. From where I was born to what movie is my favorite. Introduction to Me

  2. What Is Your Name? • My name is Reese Icenogle

  3. In What Month Were You Born In? • I was born in the month of May

  4. Where Were You Born? • I was born in Powell, Wyoming

  5. What Schools Have You Attended Besides JMS? • I have attended a small school in Colorado called Broomfield Heights Middle School or BHMS.

  6. What Do You Like The Best About Your School? • I really enjoy the later lunches

  7. What Is Your Worst Habit? • My worst habit is interrupting my family members.

  8. What Weird Food Combination Do You Like? • I like to dip French fries into a chocolate shake

  9. What Type Of Music Do You Listen To? • I like to listen to classic rock, and some types of rap.

  10. What Is Your Favorite Book/Movie? • My favorite book is the Cold Dish and my favorite movie is World War Z.

  11. What Is Your Favorite Pet Peeve? • When people play music that I don’t enjoy on the bus

  12. What Has Been Your Favorite School Assignment? • The assignment that was my favorite was called My Magazine.

  13. Tell An Exciting Moment In Your Life • The most exciting moment in my life was probably when I got my first black belt.

  14. What Are You Good At? • I am good at all of my classes, I am also very good at martial arts.

  15. Do You See The World In A Positive Light or a Negative Light? Why? • I see the world in a positive light because there are just so many opportunities out there for us.

  16. What Are Three Adjectives That Describe You? • Three adjectives are, smart, athletic, and kind.

  17. What Is One Thing You Would Like To Do In Your Lifetime? • I would like to see a professional UFC title fight, preferably in the light heavyweight class.

  18. Where Else Would You Like To Live Besides In Oklahoma? • I would like to live in Minnesota

  19. What Do You Want To Do When You Are Older? • I would like to be a UFC fighter

  20. Describe Your Family • I live in a family of four; I have a mom named Deb, and a dad named Joe. As a family we also have one dog named Pepper. I only have one older brother and his name is Drew. He currently attends Jenks High School.