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Film Formation PowerPoint Presentation
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Film Formation

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Film Formation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Film Formation. &. VOC. As water evaporates , tiny latex particles come into contact . If the particles are sufficiently soft, the film of water between the particles that pulls them together causes them to fuse into a continuous , useful film.

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latex film formation is critical coalescence

As waterevaporates, tinylatexparticlescomeintocontact.

Iftheparticlesaresufficiently soft, the film ofwaterbetweentheparticlesthatpullsthemtogethercausesthemtofuseinto a continuous, useful film.

Latex Film Formation is Critical! (Coalescence)
latex hardness softness performance conflict

Latex particles must be soft to fuse (coalesce)

into a continuous film.

Soft Latex = Poor Blocking & Dirt Pick-up

Hard Latex + Coalescing solvents temporarily

soften and assist in film formation.

Latex Hardness/Softness Performance Conflict
coalescent solvents vs plasticizers

Coalescent Solvents - help hard latex film form and will evaporate from film.

    • Dry film retains ‘toughness’
  • Plasticizers- will soften a hard latex and help film formation, but does not evaporate.
    • Dry film can be ‘softened’
Coalescent Solvents vs. Plasticizers

“VOCs” Volatile Organic Compounds

These are hydrocarbons emitted by many products, which contribute to ozone formation.


sources functions of voc

Coalescing Solvents

    • Temporarily softens latex particles to aid film formation; especially important at low temp.
  • Glycol
    • “Likes” water; slows dry time; lengthens open time, improves lapping.
  • Additives
    • “Carriers” for defoamers, biocides, etc.
  • Float
    • Inhibits latex paint skinning.
Sources & Functions of VOC
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