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Endangered Species By: Alyssa Krasovec PowerPoint Presentation
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Endangered Species By: Alyssa Krasovec

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Endangered Species By: Alyssa Krasovec - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Endangered Species By: Alyssa Krasovec. Introduction. Lesson. Quiz. Introduction.

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Endangered Species By: Alyssa Krasovec

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    1. Endangered SpeciesBy: Alyssa Krasovec Introduction Lesson Quiz

    2. Introduction • In this lesson we will be talking about endangered species and why they are becoming endangered and how to help save endangered species. This is for students grades 3rd-4th science. This will be covering the Ohio content standards of living things.

    3. How this lesson works • To be able to work this lesson there are a few directions I have to give you first. There will be icons on each page, one being a homepage, which has the home icon and will take you back to the beginning, and then to move forward a page or backwards a page you will use the arrow icons. There will be labeled quiz answers to choose also.

    4. What is an endangered species? • An endangered species is a group of animals that are in danger of extinction. This danger can come from a loss of natural habitat, hunting, or widespread plague. The number of these animals is low.

    5. Endangered Species Giant Panda Grey Wolf Javan Rhinoceros

    6. Endangered Species Tiger Polar Bear Pacific Walrus

    7. Why they are becoming endangered • Habitat Destruction: Animals loosing their habitat due to fire, deforestation, and human impact. • Exotic Species: Intentional or accidental, disrupts balance of habitat. (I.e food and water) • Other factors: disease, pollution, and limited distribution.

    8. How to save them • Conserve habitats: Protecting animals habitats, removing weeds and rubbish, and protecting national parks • Make more space: Making more space for animals by putting out birdfeeders, birdbaths, composts in your garden, or plant a tree. • Recycle: Ride bikes, turn off lights when not needed, turn off water when brushing teeth, and recycle old toys or plastic. • Planting: Planting native plants and trees in your area.

    9. The End • You have finished the lesson! You now can choose to go back to the beginning of the lesson and start over or you can move on and go to the the quiz and test how much you’ve learned.

    10. Quiz 1.) Which animal is and endangered species? A.) Dog B.) Cat C.) Tiger D.) Deer

    11. Incorrect, Try again! Try Again!

    12. Correct, Great Job! Next Question

    13. Quiz 2.) Does endangered mean there are many or few left? A.) Many B.) Few

    14. Incorrect, Try again! Try Again

    15. Correct, Great Job! Next Question

    16. Quiz 3.) What doesn’t cause animals to become endangered? A.) Farming B.) Hunting C.) Fires D.) Deforestation

    17. Incorrect, Try again! Try Again!

    18. Correct, Great Job! Go to citations

    19. Citations • http://answers.askkids.com/Weird_Science/what_is_the_definition_of_endangered • http://www.earthsendangered.com/ • http://www.earthsendangered.com/list.asp • http://www.endangeredspecie.com/\ • http://moderncelebs.blogspot.com/2011/01/top-10-lists-most-endangered-species-on.html