How the muscles are named dance movement descriptions
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How the Muscles are Named & Dance Movement Descriptions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How the Muscles are Named & Dance Movement Descriptions. Chapter8. Basic Naming Conventions.

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How the muscles are named dance movement descriptions

How the Muscles are Named & Dance Movement Descriptions


Basic naming conventions
Basic Naming Conventions

Deltoid - shaped like a triangle
Orbicularis - orbit, circular muscle
Major/Minor - large/small or sometimes upper and lower
Vastus - large
Dorsi or Dorsal - backside
Infra / Supra - lower and upper
Longis / Brevis- long/ short (brief) 
Medialis / Lateralus- medial (toward the inside), lateral (toward the outside)

Basic naming conventions1
Basic Naming Conventions

Some are named based on the region or bone they are attached to:

biceps femoris- two headed muscle attached to the femur
extensor carpi radialislongus- long muscle that runs the length of the radius (bone) to the carpals (wrist bones) that extends the fingers

Your dance movement assignment
Your Dance Movement Assignment

Go to pages 165-166

Add the terms and definitions to your notes – from flexion to depression

Think of your favorite dance movement

In one page or more, describe how your body moves to the dance using scientific terms

Dance movements description requirements
Dance Movements Description requirements

Use the terms from pages 165-166 and their definitions correctly. 2 points

Use your knowledge of what bones are used correctly. If you use your head and neck, the muscle names MUST be used, because that is what we covered so far. 2 points

At least 1 written or typed page. 2 points

Due 11/12/13 for full credit. 2 points