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Classroom Wars

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Classroom Wars. Fifth grade classrooms are different from Kindergarten classrooms By Mia Poppinga. Classroom Wars.

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classroom wars

Classroom Wars

Fifth grade classrooms are different from Kindergarten classrooms

By Mia Poppinga

classroom wars1
Classroom Wars

Kindergarten classrooms are different from fifth grade classrooms! I wanted to see the difference between the two classrooms and what different grades put up on their walls. All the photos that I took you are going to love!!!:) In fifth grade classrooms there are advanced math posters and in kindergarten there are easier math posters like 1+2=3. In fifth grade the posters say 100+43=143!

In this research I found out that the two classrooms are different, but some things are similar.



This is in Melissa’s kindergarten classroom. They have a colorful calendar and each day of the week is a different color.


This shows a door to the closet where they have separate cubbies to keep their backpacks and jackets. Our closet is a huge closet with no cubbies.


block center
Block Center

The Kindergarteners have center time. It is a time where they can relax and play. This is the block center where they can build cities including the subway and train tracks. They can use their imaginations.

In fifth grade, sadly we do not have center time.

counting the days
Counting the Days

In Kindergarten they count the school days. In Fifth grade, we have a calendar that we use

but we don’t count the days. We can do more math in our heads.


The Kindergarteners have handwriting books to learn how to write. In fifth grade, we don’t need these books because we already know how to write neatly. In Fifth grade, we use cubbies too for our books and materials.

The Kindergarteners have cubbies that they use for their folders, math books, handwriting books and notebooks. They have numbers on their cubbies and in Fifth grade we just have our names.


5th Grade



5th Grade

In fifth grade we have calculators, protractors and rulers.

  • We have different math materials. The little kids count with teddy bears and buttons. They also have recycled yogurt cups in their math station.