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e-Jaalakam. Dr Nirmala Padmanabhan Associate Professor Department of Economics St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, Kerala [email protected] , 0484 4020303. What is e–Jaalakam ?. Taking e- Governance to the masses By Department of Economics,St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, Kerala

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E jaalakam


Dr Nirmala Padmanabhan

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, Kerala

[email protected], 0484 4020303

What is e jaalakam
What is e–Jaalakam ?

  • Taking e- Governance to the masses

  • By Department of Economics,St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, Kerala

  • with technical support from, Kerala State IT Mission & State e-Governance Mission Team-Kerala

  • Project for promoting social/ gender inclusion in e- Governance

  • Enhances people’s capability to live in an e-society.

  • Generates demand for e- Governance services promoting measurable, accountable and responsible governance.

Why e jaalakam
Why e-Jaalakam?

  • Kerala has put in place various e- governance initiatives but Public unaware of most of these

  • Even if aware , do not which reliable site to access and how to access services

  • People still go to Village/ other Govt office and queue up to get services .This process excludes the disabled, elderly and women who have constraints on mobility.

  • Kerala women lag far behind in autonomy and decision making.e-Jaalakam intended to open an e- world beyond facebook, gmail and information search to girls and empower them to be self reliant

Three phases and various citizen engagement tools
Three phases and Various Citizen Engagement Tools

Phase 1- Genesis of e-Jaalakam

September 2012- June 2013

  • A workshop on e-Governance

  • Assessment of awareness of e-Governance services among students

    c) Trial awareness sessions in St. Teresa’s College

A workshop on e governance
a)Workshop on e- Governance

  • 2 day Workshop on e- Governance, Sept 19-20, 2012

  • Sponsored by KSITM

  • Training by State e- Governance Mission Team-

    Shri M.B.Jayachandran, Principal Consultant and Head, Vinod Raj & Krishnakumar, Consultants

    Programme Management, SeMT-Kerala

Grooming of 20 e governance master trainers
Grooming of 20 e- Governance Master Trainers

2 day Workshop on e- Governance, Sept 19-20, 2012

B brief assessment of awareness of e governance services
b) Brief Assessment of awareness of e-Governance services

  • Analysis of implementation of Sevana in Kerala- despite wide implementation very few people accessed. 5,25,185 and 5,22,345 birth registrations in 2011 and 2012 respectively, corresponding downloads 11,037 and 11,222 (http://www.infokerala.org )

  • a small study undertaken to assess awareness of e-Governance among a sample of 70 students studying in first year bachelors programmes in St. Teresa’s College.

    using the net only for social networking and educational purposes

  • Databank of relevant sites- expanded to cover many suggested by Shri Sheikh Pareed, IAS, District Collector, Ernakulam

  • Training module prepared -

    Life Cycle approach as advised by Mr Josius Benny Kittan, Manager e- Governance, KSITM

    URL of sites facilitating easy access

  • Pamphlet providing URL of almost all important Govt sites

Service cycle for an e citizen
Service Cycle for an e-citizen

  • Employment & Empowerment

  • Driver’s License

  • Passport/Visa

  • Travel

  • Aadhar

  • Ration card

  • Electoral Roll

  • e- district

  • Taxes

  • Marriage certificate

  • Court Case status

  • File search

  • Agriculture

  • Utility services

  • Police

  • School Admission

  • Scholarships

  • E-Learning

  • Examination results

  • Professional Admissions

  • Pension

  • Health insurance

  • Health care

  • Death certificate

  • Birth certificate

  • Health care

Local self government

Provides citizens with information and services of Panchayats, Muncipalities and Corporations. Services provided online include

  • Birth certificates


Civil Registrations

Phase 2e- Jaalakam July-December 2013Campus to Community Phase in association with Federal Bank Ltd

Training sessions for 15 civic groups covering

around 1000 people

Shared databank with various civic groups through training sessions

Sessions organized for diverse groups - higher secondary students belonging to both Kerala State and Central Board streams, undergraduate and research students in colleges and universities, professionals, housewives and elected representatives of local bodies

Federal Bank & St. Teresa’s College


With technical support from

Kerala State IT Mission and State e-Governance

Mission Team-Kerala

e- Jaalakam

Launch By Shri P. H.Kurian , IAS, Principal Secretary, IT Department, Kerala, ShriHibi Eden, MLAand Shri Sheik Pareeth IAS, District Collector

Panampilly nagar welfare association 19 th july 2013
Panampilly Nagar Welfare Association 19th July 2013

Representatives of Ernakulam District Residents Association Apex Council, Thiruvankulam Branch3.08.2013

St dominic s college kanjirapally 19 th september 2013
St. Dominic's College Kanjirapally19th September 2013

Representatives of various panchayats at ernakulam social service society kacherippady sept 19 2013
Representatives of Various Panchayats at Ernakulam Social Service Society, Kacherippady, Sept 19, 2013

Feedback on training session
Feedback on training session

  • Feedback collected from a sample of 100 persons from among them

  • asked to rate the e- Jaalakam databank using a three point rating scale

  • 60 % reported that they found it very useful while the remaining 40% rated it useful.

Percentage of information in training session that was unknown to participants
Percentage of information in training session that was unknown to participants

Source : primary data

Public demand
Public Demand unknown to participants

For written instructions which will enable access when needed

Vivara nidhi a citizen s handbook on e governance
Vivara unknown to participantsNidhi-A Citizen’s Handbook on e- Governance

  • literally handholds the public while accessing e- Governance services

  • all steps  detailed in  simple flow charts which even a layman can follow easily

How to access birth certificate
HOW TO ACCESS BIRTH CERTIFICATE ? unknown to participants

Release of unknown to participantsVivaraNidhi by ShriKapilSibal, Union Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India

Public demand for a handbook in malayalam
Public demand for a handbook in Malayalam unknown to participants

  • Only 3- sites or so available in Malayalam

  • Aadhar site- not available in Malayalam

  • Vanitha commission -first page is in English

  • Have communicated citizen’s demand to the Government

  • Slow evolution into a true citizen engagement group- a minute step towards transformation of citizens from mere acceptors of services to demand generators who strive to influence the type and quality of services

Phase 3 e mithram and e jaalakam@school 2014
Phase 3 unknown to participantse- Mithram and e- [email protected]

E jaalakam @ school
e- unknown to [email protected] school

  • Project to educate 12, 000 students in class ten in 86 Government and State aided schools in Ernakulam Educational District

  • In association with [email protected], Department of General Education, Government of Kerala

  • Completed in January 2014

Incorporated learning of phase two
Incorporated learning of unknown to participantsPhase two

  • Universal tool not suitable for all age groups- Developed separate handbook for students

  • Difficulty in getting internet connection at the timing of training sessions- Training module which captured various sites with screen capture software

Release of e mithram students handbook on e governance
Release of e- unknown to participantsMithram- students handbook on e- Governance

Government girls high school ernakulam
Government Girls High school , unknown to participantsErnakulam

Government higher secondary school
Government Higher Secondary School unknown to participants

Government high chool panampilly nagar
Government High unknown to participantschoolPanampilly Nagar

Lmcc high school
LMCC High School unknown to participants

St mary s high school
St Mary’s High School unknown to participants

Srv high school ernakulam
SRV High School unknown to participantsErnakulam

St alberts school
St unknown to participantsAlberts School

St augustines
St unknown to participantsAugustines

St thomas perumanoor
St. Thomas unknown to participantsPerumanoor

Achievements of e jaalakam
Achievements of e- unknown to participantsJaalakam

  • Various Citizen Engagement Tools

    a) e- Jaalakamtraining module

    b) e- Jaalakam pamphlet

    c) VivaraNidhi- citizens handbook

    d) e-Mithram- students handbook

    e) e – Mithram training module

  • e- Governance literacy to around 1000 people/ families in second stage

  • Emergence of a Citizen Engagement Group

    4) Creation of e-jaalakam chapters in three districts

    5) e-Jaalakam @ School imparted e- Governance literacy to around 12000 students / 12000 families / indirectly reaching out to 48000 people

Recognition from outside the state
Recognition From Outside The State unknown to participants

  • National e-Governance Division, Department of Electronics & Information Technology

  • Being considered for replication in Karnataka and Lakshwadweep, Andhra Pradesh

  • Administrative Training Institute. Mysore

  • Centre for Innovations in Public Systems (CIPS)

  • Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai

Stall at 17 th national conference on e governance 30 31 january 2014
Stall at 17 unknown to participantsth National Conference on e-Governance - 30-31 January 2014

Findings and lessons learnt
Findings and Lessons learnt unknown to participants

  • Potential benefits of many e- Governance services to citizens remain unrealized due to lack of public awareness and capability to access these

  • The gender divide or age divide often cited in a digital world was not apparent in access of e- governance due to the fact that all were generally ignorant about these initiatives.

  • Public have a keen interest in learning such initiatives since they perceive benefits to themselves

  • Citizen engagement tools which demystify method of access and inspire confidence have inherent potential in promoting citizen participation in services

  • Different engagement tools need to be designed to meet the needs of diverse age and social groups

  • Availability of web pages and engagement tools in local language will go a long way in increasing usage of e- governance services

Hurdle strategy adopted
Hurdle unknown to participantsStrategy adopted

  • Lack of well defined content and difficulty in choosing among many services

  • Lack of financial resources

  • Tendency of educational institutions to confine activities to own campus

  • Tendency of people to forget demonstrations due to infrequent nature of usage.

  • Difficulty in sustaining interest of diverse age groups with a single handbook

  • Life cycle approach

  • Corporate Social Responsibility funds

  • Leverage the emphasis given to Social Outreach by UGC and NAACC

  • Design of a handbook which furnished methods of access in simple flow chart form

  • Design of different handbook for students as compared to the general one for citizens

Hurdle unknown to participants

Strategy adopted

Translation of the handbook to Malayalam

Handbooks and pamphlet have been uploaded on the webpage

Citizen watch group will monitor make changes and upload on web pages periodically

Linkage to established programme- [email protected] Project, Government of Kerala

  • Ensuring utility to people not well versed with English language

  • Ensuring access to the public

  • Frequent developments/ modifications in services

  • Scalability

Future challenges
Future Challenges unknown to participants

  • Vertical and horizontal reach out

  •  Institutionalization

Strategy for reach out diverse strategies for varied social groups
Strategy for reach out- diverse strategies for varied social groups

Target Population

Mode of Access

state wide roll out through [email protected] project –network of resource persons –material handbook

popularization through Social media- face book

- popularization through Women Resource Centers existing in colleges

-popularization through Social media

Social Outreach programmes

  • High school and higher secondary school students

  • College/ university students

Target Population social groups

Mode of Access

Material handbooks in both English and Malayalam

Awareness sessions in all 14 districts

Awareness sessions by e- Jaalakam chapters in various districts

Civic groups

  • Residents Association networks-

  • Professional organizational networks

  • Community Service Centers in Kerala- Akshaya


Institutionalization social groups

Inclusion in IT syllabus- people to get familiarized at an age when they have the time and maximum learning capacity.

School students,- [email protected] Executive Director as well as the Director of Public Instruction, Kerala were approached who have given the assurance that, they shall consider inclusion of e-Governance as a chapter in the IT syllabus of high school students

College students- Similarly, Kerala State IT Mission has been approached to include it as a part of the IT syllabus taught at various Women Resource Centers they have established in colleges.

Future plans
Future Plans social groups

  • Creation of a chain of e- Governance Master Trainers in higher educational institutions throughout Kerala

  • Periodical workshops for updating them – in e and m- Governance

  • Creation of a website to put all information in Public domain

  • Creation of short animation films for each service which will further simplify acess

  • Radio sessions to answer public queries related to accessing various services

THANK YOU social groups