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Belly Series

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Belly Series . Jason Mensing Head Football Coach Tecumseh High School (Formerly Owosso). Contact Information. Jason Mensing Phone Number 517-862-9511 Please Call after 7 p.m. E-mail Why The Belly. Kick out is at different Angle Deceptive Play

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belly series

Belly Series

Jason Mensing

Head Football Coach

Tecumseh High School

(Formerly Owosso)

contact information
Contact Information
  • Jason Mensing
    • Phone Number
      • 517-862-9511 Please Call after 7 p.m.
    • E-mail
why the belly
Why The Belly
  • Kick out is at different Angle
  • Deceptive Play
  • Awesome Complement Potential
  • Simplistic Play for players on LOS
  • Great Play for talented Fullback
  • Great Play for Bull at Fullback
  • Allow for false influence
the calls
The Calls
  • Elephant
    • Tells Wing to attack Level two
  • Giraffe
    • Tells Wing he has influence opportunity
  • Down
    • Tells Wing to attack Level two
rules and assignments
Rules and Assignments
  • Draw on Board and go over with
    • PSWB follow call rule
    • PSTE follow call rule
    • PST Make call and follow rule
    • PSG Trap pull outside, wheel
    • Center Aggressive cut-off path
    • BSG Cut NT to cut-off BSLB
    • BST Cut DT to BSLB
    • BSTE Pizza
    • Motion Back Carry hard fake
    • FB Drop step, crossover, plant
    • QB 9 o clock, 4:30 ride, roll over gain some depth work down sideline on keep fake (option to boot)
show cut ups
Show Cut-ups
  • Cut-ups of Belly
belly keep
Belly Keep
  • Advantages to Belly Keep
    • Rules are the same with the exception of eliminated double team and the addition of the log block.
    • Great method to utilize special athlete at QB
    • Another play to get outside that requires limited practice reps.
    • Deceptive play
belly keep8
Belly Keep
  • The Log Block
    • Allow contact to occur with the defender on the inside part of the outside number prior to wheeling your hips to the outside.
    • Eliminate all double teams movement is a bad thing.
    • Level 2 blocks become critical this is a flow play.
belly keep9
Belly Keep
  • Go over rules and show clips of Dan Terryberry at Onsted High School. It is critical to have a QB who can run to execute this play.
belly pass
Belly Pass
  • Next year we are going to replace our Power pass (Roll Pass Concept) with Belly pass, WHY:
    • It allows a hand mesh with the back giving more action and more deception.
    • If running threat you can create more roll and a run/pass option.
    • Easier to slip motion man out in route for added receiver without reducing protection.
    • Can Keep identical blocking scheme on the LOS giving greater action.
new passing rule
  • If you get nothing else from me today please take this!!!!!
belly pass12
Belly Pass
  • Route calling, Why:
    • We do not run many routes
    • Never want a missed assignment when throwing the ball
    • Why not???? It is easy!
belly pass13
Belly Pass
  • All rules are identical to Belly Keep
  • Emphasis now on Blocking Level 1
  • Center must cut Defensive Tackle vs. Down call and protect front side A gap vs. Blitz
  • Offensive Tackle must block man on vs. Down Call
pass reads
Pass Reads
  • Always
    • Sneak a Peak at the Streak
    • Dump down
    • Our basic Routes will be Block, Clear, Slice with the motion back running a shoot if we don’t need added protection.
    • Variation: Clear, Flag Slice, Throwback
    • Variation: Block, Slice, Clear, with the running back running a shoot if we don’t need the added protection.
    • If quick pressure off the edge the shoot will be open.
g t counter
G-T Counter
  • A Counter Variation off of Belly
    • Tons of action
    • D Gap Counter
    • Not a necessary play
    • Can be defended
g t counter16
G-T Counter
  • Rules are the same as Belly Keep with the Backside Tackle Pulling

Show clips and talk about play

This give you a whole series that complements itself that is highly deceptive and great against squeeze teams.