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2909 Taylor Street PowerPoint Presentation
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2909 Taylor Street

2909 Taylor Street

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2909 Taylor Street

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  1. Dallas Mavericks 2909 Taylor Street Dallas, TX 75226

  2. This site is getting five stars! • The Mavericks was a dream of mine for a very long time, so the fact that it met and exceeded my expectations is a major reason that it deserves five stars. • I was given the opportunity to do a lot of work that the employees do (and people MUCH higher on the totem pole than me!) instead of constant “intern” busy work. • Everyone made me feel like I was one of them, and I never was pushed to the side as many interns are at other companies. All of my hard work was recognized, an appreciated.

  3. Scola and Yao warming up before the Houston Game Antoine Wright at our Electronics recycling drive for NBA Green Week <<Mark Cuban at a Meet and Greet with fans <<

  4. Internship Objectives • To assist the Director of Marketing and Marketing manager with the day to day functions for marketing the Dallas Mavericks • 1. Create an overview for Hoop Camp: This involves researching and developing various statistics about last years Camp to help us better promote the camp this year. Also, gathering information about print media companies and meeting with them with an objective to advertise the Camp. I will be creating on ongoing database where we know all venues available to promote with, and which areas need the most promotion. • 2. Manage the game day responsibilities: Set up tables for sponsors at the arena, and make sure all sponsors are happy and prepared with all materials they need for that nights game. During the game, I assist the marketing team with anything they may need in their promotions for the night, and at the end of the night I take down the areas/tables that were set up earlier in the day. • 3. Re-launch the Mavs Kids Club Program: The Mavs Kids Club consists of Mavs fans ages 13 and under from all across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and gives young Mavericks fans an inside look into the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and coordinates exclusive events and opportunities for its members, such as discounts to the Mavs Fan Shops, special contests and promotions throughout the year. This year we are going to give the Kids Club a new face by updating materials, the database, and more.

  5. Daily Activities • Work on trade deals, and execute our end of contract (ex: send out 2 tickets for the ad that ran that week) • Messenger/mail anything that needs to go out, and assist other members of the marketing department • Work all games and help with sponsors at the games • Help to monitor and improve various social networks

  6. Project Summary • Research details of Hoop Camp last year • Draw conclusions based on the relationship of camp and zip code each camper resides in • Negotiate trade deals with various newspaper companies to run our ad.