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Chapter 19 Review

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Chapter 19 Review. By Sophie Black. Summary.

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chapter 19 review

Chapter 19 Review

By Sophie Black

  • Edward is discovered by two children. When he tells them he is the king, they believe him, but their mother considers him mad and takes pity on him. Still, she tries to find ways to make him tell the truth. Finally convinced he must have helped in the palace kitchen, she orders him to cook for them. He agrees, since King Alfred once did the same. He gets a tongue-lashing when he lets the dish burn. Because of their mutual embarrassment at their behavior, both drop their expectations—his for royal treatment, hers to treat him like a beggar. He agrees to wash the dishes and numerous other chores, again citing Alfred the Great’s example, until he sees Hugo and Canty come to the door. Edward escapes.
question one
  • Why do the children believe Edward, though the adults do not?
  • In Genral, Children are more beliving and innocent than adults. Their minds have no yet been harmed by the coarse reality of life. They are willing to take Edwards word, for they truly believe he is not lying, and they can see it in his eyes.
question two
  • What is ironic in the way Edward and the farmwife treat each other?
  • In Theory, Edward should be demanding firstclass lodgings, and the farmwife should retaliate by kicking him out of her barnand asking for money for staying the night. Instead, a totally ironic situation happens as they both treat each other with respect and kindness and there is as if there is no difference in status between them.
question three
  • Why does Edward decide to perform the menial tasks?
  • Because the family is so nice to Edward, he repays them by helping with chores and housework, which Is a huge step as he has never done any housework his entire life as he has always had servants to do it for him.
translation one
Translation One



“When I am come to mine own again, I will always honor little children, remembering how that these trusted me and

believed in me in my time of trouble, whilst they that were older thought themselves wiser mocked at me and held me

for a liar.”

  • When I am back atmypalace, I will alwaysrememberhowthechildrenbelievd I was King, andHowtheAdultsthought I was madandteasedmefortellingthetruth.
translation tw0
Translation Tw0



  • “It does us all good to unbend sometimes.”
  • Everyoneneedstotake a break fromallthe stress sometimes.
  • Crazy, InsaneorMad
  • “Sheimaginedthedementedboyhadwanderedawayfromhsifriendsorkeepers…“ (Page 85)
  • Acuteness of mental discernment and soundness of judgment.
  • “Full of eagerness to prove her sagacity, she told the king to mind the cooking a minute…” (Page 86)
  • Courteous and gracious; friendly; warm
  • “…she promptly brought the king out of his dreams with a brisk and cordial tongue lashing…” (Page 86)
  • To walk, move, or stand unsteadily
  • “When Breakfast was over, the goodwife told the king to wash up the dishes. This command was a staggerer…” (Page 86)