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Has Agent Scripting Got You FRUSTRATED? PowerPoint Presentation
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Has Agent Scripting Got You FRUSTRATED?

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Has Agent Scripting Got You FRUSTRATED? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Has Agent Scripting Got You FRUSTRATED?. Agent Scripting Simplified!. Agenda. About Amtelco Overview of eCreator Benefits of eCreator Integration with Avaya Predictive Dialing System. Company Overview. Amtelco is a privately held company serving the call center industry since 1975.

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  • About Amtelco
  • Overview of eCreator
  • Benefits of eCreator
  • Integration with Avaya Predictive Dialing System

Company Overview

  • Amtelco is a privately held company serving the call center industry since 1975.
  • Amtelco holds more than 15 U.S. and international patents, and Amtelco equipment is in operation in all 50 of the United States and in more than 20 foreign countries.
  • Amtelco has about 1500 customers and 100 eCreator sites installed in the US and worldwide.
  • Amtelco customers include call centers, equipment developers, telephone companies, major universities, corporations, TAS, paging companies, health care institutions, and executive suites.
  • Amtelco is proud to be a member of Avaya’s global DeveloperConnection Program (DevConnect).

eCreator Agent Scripting

Amtelco’s eCreator is the first browser-based scripting and campaign management tool specifically designed to meet the needs of blended call centers. eCreator lets users create agent scripts and interactive web pages quickly and easily using simple drag-and-drop design techniques.


What is eCreator?

  • eCreator streamlines the process of creating sophisticated agent scripts and dramatically reduces the time and labor required for script development.
  • eCreator includes powerful system management tools that enable a call center to build and manage scripts that meet all your customer demands while providing the back-end reporting and CRM information call centers need.
  • eCreator runs on a Windows Server, and can reside either on a company’s intranet, or scripts can be published on the Internet for customer self-service.
  • eCreator is completely scalable to meet the needs of any contact center, regardless of size.
  • eCreator is Amtelco’s third-generation scripting product.

eCreator Benefits

  • Simple to use, intuitive user interfaces require minimal learning curve.
  • Dramatically reduces time and effort required to create and/or change scripts - programmer-level skills NOT required.
  • Increases quality of customer interaction by ensuring consistency of call flow, regardless of call type or agent’s experience level.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Improves agent productivity & reduces agent training time.
  • Eliminates geographical restrictions – eCreator can support multiple call center sites, branch offices, and remote agents.

eCreator Script Design

eCreator’s user-friendly interface greatly reduces the time and resources required to produce and update even the most complex agent scripts.

Navigation Tree

eCreator Supervisor gives you the tools you need to manage all your eCreator applications from a single location including the drill-down navigation tree view of scripts.

Script Page Directory

This directory provides quick access to all the pages in a script to expedite making changes.


eCreator Supervisor

eCreator’s Script Creation Wizard streamlines the creation of agent scripts and publishes them as web pages.

eCreator Supervisor

The Supervisor toolbar provides access to various campaign and system set-up features. Access to each area is restricted by log-in to provide security.

eCreator Palette

The tabs organize drag-and-drop Elements into quickly accessed categories.

Design Workspace

Use this area to create script pages using the standard or customized Elements from the Palette.


Database Connectivity

eCreator provides powerful database connectivity capability that:

  • Integrates with all industry-standard databases
  • Can be customized to interface with legacy database systems
  • Includes sophisticated look-up and query capability
  • Can update an existing record, or create a new one. Save all collected data, or just the data you need

eCreator Reporting

eCreator includes sophisticated reporting tools that provide quick and easy access to the information gathered as agents process calls.


  • Access to the predefined reports included in the eCreator system
  • Export output data to a text file, a database, a spreadsheet, an e-mail message, or HTML
  • Build customized reports to meet your every data mining need
  • Schedule any eCreator report to run on a recurring basis automatically

eCreator PDS Agent

The browser-based eCreator PDS Agent integrates with the Avaya PDS at the agent desktop. It provides call center agents with automated screen pops, information exchange and scripted call flow screens for any type of call campaign.

  • Avaya PDS agent, record, and system information display fields
  • eCreator script area
  • eCreator call information preview display
  • eCreator agent and Avaya PDS application status information

eCreator/PDS Integration

The eCreator/Avaya PDS integration:

  • Provides PDS call control functions to the agent using the eCreator PDS Agent application.
  • Associates PDS inbound, outbound, blended, and managed jobs with eCreator scripts.
  • Automatically “pops” the associated eCreator script to the agent as PDS calls are directed to them.
  • Passes information for each call from the PDS Calling List into eCreator to populate script and database fields.
  • Passes information from eCreator into PDS to update PDS Calling Lists with items such as Do Not Call status, Recall status, and Completion Codes.

PDS Integration Benefits

eCreator integrates at the agent desktop with the Avaya PDS using Amtelco’s eCreator PDS Agent. The eCreator PDS Agent, with its embedded browser, is installed on the agent desktop to provide seamless integration and information transfer between eCreator and Avaya PDS.

  • eCreator PDS Agent manages communications between eCreator and the Avaya PDS at the desktop.
  • By using an embedded browser, the eCreator PDS Agent limits the browser functions an agent can access, and prevents agents from inadvertently closing the script.
  • eCreator PDS Agent combines Avaya PDS information with the call processing ease of scripted call flow.