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Final Minutes. Omega. Detroit Country Day School John M. Kenney HC - DCDS Team Scotland Publisher – Lacrosse Coach “Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.” Henry Ford. Omega – Final minutes. Coaching Tips:

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Detroit Country Day School

John M. KenneyHC - DCDSTeam ScotlandPublisher – Lacrosse Coach

“Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.” Henry Ford

Omega final minutes
Omega – Final minutes

  • Coaching Tips:

    • Utilize your assistants - Cornell Example

    • Have a written plan – excel sheet or note card(NFL or Porta-phone example)

    • Time outs: Plan to have one – Use to set up stall, desperation double team, match up

    • Practice the plan often– college example “ don’t anything stupid” Use assistant coach for this as well – have him call time outs/with situation in practice


After pass picks for inside man

Inside men wait for pick, then curl behind cage ; once they catch the ball, they turn to the outside and run to restraining line, turn back – keep sticks to outside

Occupy with each other

Omega if doubled
Omega… if doubled

Roll the ball

Desperation double team
Desperation Double Team

Zone Crease - but cheat to cover each man – giving impression that men are covered

Must turn o man back


Sneak over

Use of double team
Use of Double Team

Force to corner –stalk

Use goalie wisely – 1. great athlete – use to cover behind –2. not great – cover creaseman. 3. Zone (press adjacent – send the goalie

Use of triple team
Use of triple Team

Force to corner –stalk

Zone (press adjacent – send the goalie

Spot shot
Spot Shot

Feeds to a spot

Men flash or pick for shooter

Other plans
Other Plans

  • Faceoff – man-up; man down, if you have lost a bunch – when to break it off and just play defense -jump

  • Double Ball – Decide when – be consistent -Second Pass

  • Stars take shots -

  • Who has alternate possession? Quick Whistle

  • Timeouts? How many? Your opponent?

  • Who are your gamers? Jimmy Chitwood

  • How long can you stall – against yourself?

  • Who plays ball – who are your takeaway guys – your trappers? Who is your best athlete…use the hoop player?

  • Best plays – from which area?

10 second play
10 Second Play


Dummy Cuts



D man

Lone ranger
Lone Ranger

Can use box

D man

Time outs and other tips
Time outs and other tips

  • Players will remember one thing…. Try to avoid drawing up a whole play for everyone - “I don’t know this”

  • Tweak don’t invent

  • Make a team point – don’t coach one kid

  • Assure….don’t be an

  • Four Minute Mark – be quick – don’t hurry-

  • Two Minute Mark – be quicker – don’t panic


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