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Seminoles. Sharnita Benton Lemon Block 4 Unit1 Portfolio. Origin Myth. An origin myth…Stories passed down from generation to generation to explain the creations of the world and all It holds. Example-The Earth on the Turtles Back represents how the earth came about.

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Sharnita Benton

Lemon Block 4

Unit1 Portfolio

origin myth
Origin Myth
  • An origin myth…Stories passed down from generation to generation to explain the creations of the world and all It holds.
  • Example-The Earth on the Turtles Back represents how the earth came about.
  • A Journey through Texas is when the indians first met each other
  • Santa Clause, because since a long time ago he was created for little kids to think he brings presents on Christmas Day and that myth is still passed on til this day.
components of origin myth
Components of origin myth
  • Customs ,institution, or religious rites
  • Natural landmarks such as a great mountain
  • Events beyond peoples control.
seminoles explanation to the world
Seminoles explanation to the world
  • Their explanation to the world was to get away from encroachment and enslavement and start their own tribe.
  • Cherokee legend says that the Cherokee came from the far away Northwest. This may be true. Centuries ago, people probably did come from Siberia. Some moved further south and became known as the Indians of South America. Many stayed in North America.The Cherokee lived in Northern Georgia, Eastern Tennessee, and Western North Carolina. Cherokees said that the Great Spirit gave them their land. It was beautiful land. Their territory was in the Appalachian Mountains. It covers eight states. The Cherokee formed one Woodland tribe.
  • Later, they needed a capital. They started a capital called New Town in Georgia. Then they changed the name to New Echota. They sold plots of land in New Echota and laid out streets.
identifying the noles
They were indians of the southeast who fled to spanish held Florida to escape encroachment and enslavement by non indian settlers.

Indians believed the sun represented a spirit deity, called the master or preserver of breath, who was sometimes considered on with the sun. Fire represented another important being. They performed a variety of rituals and ceremonies to appease nature,combat witchcraft, and persuade the spirit world to help them.

18th century is when they lived.

Many tribes lived southeastern North America in what are now the states of Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennesse, Mississippi, and some fled to the Spanish territory of Florida.

The reason they believed what they believed is because they realized that much of what happened in their world, illness ,death, weather was beyond their control. They had daily evidence that humans were weak and supernaturals were strong.

The Seminoles still exist, today they make their living in a variety of ways: commercial fruit and vegetable growers, doing road work, raising cattle, working for the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the Seminole agency, sellinf arts and craft ,and operating stores.

Yes they still believe in the same things.

Identifying the Noles
compare and contrast
Compare and contrast
  • Similar- They both are indians of South America and they were both located in Georgia ,Tennesse, and Carolinas
  • Diffrences- Cherokees lived in North Georgia and Seminoles lived in Florida. Cherokees came from Siberia and Noles came from Europe.