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Save. WORLD!. the. Click here if you choose to accept this mission. GO. Help. DANGER.

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Click here if you choose to accept this mission. GO



What would you do if the whole world was at risk, and you knew how to save it? What if you and the people around you could stop the threat? Would you find a way to tell everyone you could as quickly as possible? Here is your chance. Through our everyday activities, we are changing the climate on Earth and the effects could be a threat to the world as we know it. It is up to you to study the problem and do your part to stop it!

your mission
Your Mission:
  • Objective 1: Research carbon emissions, their effects on climate, and what people can do to stop global climate change.
  • Objective 2: Record your findings.
  • Objective 3: Create a poster to increase awareness of the problem of carbon emissions, reducing our

carbon footprints, and


  • Go to the IMC homepage, then 5th grade resources, and open the document titled “Earth Day Webquest.”
  • Read the online resources provided and use the print resources to learn all you can about carbon dioxide, the greenhouse effect, carbon footprints, global warming, and recycling.
  • Use the information you learned to fill in the record sheets.
  • Come up with a catchy slogan that encourages people to reduce their carbon footprint and or recycle.
  • Design a rough draft of a poster featuring your slogan and including a few words about the information you have learned. Use the rubric to make your poster as effective as possible.
  • Use stencils, paint, crayons, markers, colored pencils, colored paper, poster board and/or other things to create a final copy of your poster.

Have you finished the data sheet and poster?

If so, then you are all done. Just because this WebQuest is finished doesn’t mean you are finished learning about keeping our Earth healthy. I hope you choose to take what you learned and apply it to your own life and make the world better by reducing your carbon footprint.