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GYROSNOW. A project by Sam Patterson EN100. SNOWBOARDING.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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A project by Sam Patterson


  • Problem: Snowboarders have significant difficulty getting between two places when there isn’t a downward slope between them. This scenario requires the snowboarder to remove both bindings in order to walk the distance. This is a time consuming and fun-inhibiting procedure.
  • Skateboarder’s feet are not strapped on to their board. This allows skaters to adjust the position of their feet while skating in order to accommodate their natural stance. When a skateboarder attempts to pick up speed, the front foot sits on the board and points in the direction of movement. The back foot leaves the board and pushes back on the ground repeatedly. The most natural motion occurs when the natural direction of bending of the skater’s knees is parallel with the direction of motion of the skateboard.
  • Current snowboarding packages are designed so that the bindings which attach the snowboarder’s feet to the snowboard are fixed in place. Their rotational position can only be changed by removing the foot from the binding, undoing four screws, adjusting the position of the binding, and then reinserting the screws. Furthermore, they are fixed in the boarders preferred position for snowboarding downhill. This foot position is not ideal for skating along flat ground.
  • If a snowboarder removes his back foot from his binding when he reaches flat ground, and then can reposition his binding so that it is parallel to the direction of desired motion, then he will be able to skate along the flat ground in a stress-free, fast, and natural motion as though he was skateboarding.
  • Gyrosnow is a mechanism which allows a snowboarder to easily rotate their binding from the snowboarding position (where their feet are perpendicular with direction of motion), to the skating position (where their feet are parallel to direction of motion), in minimal time by simply pulling a pin.
  • This option was previously impossible to snowboarders!
patent search
Patent Search

In order to find the right category and similar patents to mine, I first searched for key words relating to snowboarding and had

trouble finding patents and categories for accessories that fit between the board and the snowboard. This

Example shows a patent for the plate that fixes the binding in place in a permanent fashion but is not in the same accessory category as Gyrosnow

US Patent # 6,817,622 B2

patent search1

This patent was key in determining

the category of my product since it was hard to find the definition for a Snowboard accessory that is meant to be used between the snowboard and the binding. This allowed me to find the current United States classification which is CCL/280/613

US Patent # 6,666,472

Filed Dec. 23, 2003


Once design concept was finalized,

formal engineering drawings were

drawn in order to get the respective parts manufactured

room for improvements
Room for Improvements
  • The design has proven successful because it fulfills the En100 contract. However, as a product that is marketable, the weight, quantity and type of material needs to be rethought in order to make the product cheap enough to be salable.
  • For example, hard molded plastics are a good way to replace expensive costs involved in machining aluminum, and alienating the product from the fluctuating and rising price of Aluminum.
  • Stress analysis can be computed to find out minimal cross sectional widths