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Università di Bologna

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Università di Bologna. About CRIF. CRIF is a global company leader in the field of credit & business information. CRIF is the first Italian company to be registered as a Credit Rating Agency in the EU. .

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Università di Bologna

Maurizio Liuti

CRIF CommunicationDirector

about crif
About CRIF
  • CRIF is a global company leader in the field of credit & business information.
  • CRIF is the first Italian company to be registered as a Credit Rating Agency in the EU.
  • As an independent third party CRIF supports and creates value for financial institutions, businesses and consumers.

Maurizio Liuti

crif at a glance
CRIF at a glance


2,000+ employees and contractors


4datacenters2,000+managed servers

2,400financialinstitutionsworldwideuse CRIF services

25,000+business clients


250+millioncredit bureau scores

11types of solutionscredit bureau solutions in15countries

decisioning and lending solutions in 24countries

Projectsin 43countries

Maurizio Liuti

credit bureau platforms
Credit Bureau Platforms
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovak Republic
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Russia
  • Morocco
  • Bangladesh
  • Benin
  • India
  • VietnamJamaica
  • Tajikistan

EURISC is the innovative solution from the CRIF Credit Reporting System, which is available to banks and financial institutions to enable them to respond ever more effectively to credit management needs.

Maurizio Liuti

new credit bureau for public opinion and media
New credit bureau for public opinion and media
  • Unknown/big brother
  • Independentthird party
  • Positive role for consumers

Maurizio Liuti

targets and stakeholders
Targets and stakeholders











Maurizio Liuti

communication the last link in the chain
Communication: the last link in the chain (?)
  • During the implementation of a credit bureau in a country, communicationisoftenconsideredasthe last link in the chain…
  • but ithas a fundamentalrole for the successof the project!

Maurizio Liuti

communication strategy in the start up phase
Communicationstrategy in the start up phase
  • Definition of goalsand priorities
  • Scenario and influencer
  • Target segmentation
  • Creation of dedicatedcommunicationstrategy and contentsfor eachspecific target
  • one2 onemeetingswith journalistsand opinion leaders
  • direct management of relationships with key contacts
  • day by daymedia monitoring(reputation)

Maurizio Liuti

integrated communication
  • Corporate communication
  • Online and offline P.R.
  • Social media
  • Multimedia
  • Advertisment
  • SEA and SEO
  • Events

Maurizio Liuti

what content
  • Surveys
  • Observatories and publications
  • Case histories

Numbers, data and figuresassupportingevidence

Maurizio Liuti

online pr goals
Online PR: goals
  • Strengthen an online presence that reflects who we are and what we do
  • build relationships with all stakeholders (journalists, opinion leaders, market experts, clients, etc..)

Maurizio Liuti

communication to consumers
Communication to consumers
  • GOAL: improve the reputationand positioning of the CRIF brand as an independentthird-party and close to cosumers’ needs.
  • GOAL: share awarenesson topicslike
    • Responsiblelending\ Financial Health\Overindebtness
    • Identity theft
    • Online security

Maurizio Liuti

communication to consumers1
Communicationto consumers
  • Manuals
  • Video tutorials
  • Credit game
  • Newsletters

Maurizio Liuti


Integration web/social


Facebook Ads

Mister Credit Newsletter

SEA - Google Adwords

Mister Credit Blog

Mister Credit on Facebook


Consumer services website

Dedicated area in the corporate portal

Maurizio Liuti

communication to banks and decision makers
Communication to banks and decisionmakers
  • Case histories/experiences
  • Observatories and surveys
    • Events
    • Newsletters
    • White papers

Maurizio Liuti

which approach for communication
Whichapproach for communication?

SPRAYcommunication actions to all the different targets and stakeholders, without any segmentation and customization

In our experience the best result we can obtain by using the SPRAY approach is to have our communications sent directly to the SPAM folder!


selected and tailored actions addressed to highly segmented contacts.

Maurizio Liuti

  • Brand awareness
  • Number of positive articles in the media
  • Equivalent value/ROI
  • Ranking on searchengines for specifickeywords

Maurizio Liuti

  • CRIF is working on several different projects at worldwide level with a specific focus on Asia (i.e. Philippines, Indonesia and post-Soviet states)
  • What (local or international) sources of information could be used to create indicators or integrated reportson the local credit industry?
  • Who should be interested in these countries or project can send an e-mail to me:

Maurizio Liuti