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A. To bring up the ark of the covenant. B. To anoint Rehoboam as king. C. For Passover. #1. 8:1 Why did Solomon assemble the elders, heads, and chief fathers in Jerusalem?. Round 1. A. 2 years. B. 7 days. C. 41 years. #2. 15:9 How long did Asa reign in Jerusalem?. Round 1.

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Presentation Transcript

A. To bring up the ark of the covenant

B. To anoint Rehoboam as king

C. For Passover


8:1 Why did Solomon assemble the elders, heads, and chief fathers in Jerusalem?

Round 1


A. 2 years

B. 7 days

C. 41 years.


15:9 How long did Asa reign in Jerusalem?

Round 1


A. Orm, the 4th month

  • Kiz, the 3rd month

C. Bul, the 8th month


6:37-38 The foundation was laid in the month of Ziv? In what month was it finished (7 years later)?

Round 1


A. Bethel

B. Shechem

C. Dan


12:25 Before building Penuel, what did Jeroboam built.

Round 1


A. Sheba

B. Lebanon

C. Tyre


7:13 From where did Solomon bring Huram?

Round 1


A. Horses, camels, and donkeys

B. Brown sugar

C. 10 loaves, some cakes, and a jar of honey


14:What did Abijah’s mother take to Shiloh?

Round 1


A. Jeroboam’s wife

B. The king of Israel

C. One of the sons of the prophets


20:38 Who was disguised?

Round 1


A. He wanted his son to be recorder for Solomon.

B. He held the altar horns and begged for his life.

  • He wanted Abishag as wife


2:17 What was Adonijah’s petition to King Solomon?

Round 1


A. Eastward

B. North by Northwest

C. South


17:2 Which direction was Elijah to turn as he journeyed to the Brook Cherith?

Round 1


A. Ahimaaz

B. Ben-Abinadab

C. Adonijah


4:11-15 Who did NOT have a daughter of Solomon as wife?

Round 1


A. Syria

B. Mayberry

C. Edom


22:47 Where was there ONLY a deputy?

Round 1


A. 666 talents

B. 120 talents

C. 600 talents


10:14 What was the weight of gold Solomon received yearly?

Round 1


A. In the field outside the city.

B. By the wall of Jezreel

C. By the stables in Shemer


21:23 Where would the dogs eat Jezebel?

Round 1


A. Solomon

  • Bathsheba

C. Abishag


1:11 To whom did Nathan say that Adonijah had become king without David knowing?

Round 1


Elisha the son of Shaphat

B. Elijah’s firstborn son

C. A certain man of Abel Meholah


19:16 Who would be prophet in the place of Elijah?

Round 1


A. Hiram

B. Jimmy Hoffa

C. Adoniram


5:14 Who was in charge of the labor force?

Round 1


A. Adonijah

B. Shimei

  • Joab


2:28-31 Who was Benaiah to strike down at the altar?

Round 1


A. 20 cities in Galilee

B. 20 cities in Sidon

C. 20 cities in Israel


9:11 What did King Solomon give to Hiram??

Round 1


A. Tut

B. Pharaoh

  • Shishak


11:40 Who was king of Egypt when Jeroboam fled?

Round 1


A. In the matter of Uriah the Hittite

B. Solomon sacrificed and burned incense at the high places

C. Solomon had peace on all sides


3:4 How did Solomon differ from David?

Round 1


A. Aaron

B. King Rehoboam

C. King Jeroboam


13:4 Whose hand withered?

Round 1


A. Baal

B. Omri and Zimri

C. Tibni and Omri


16:21 The people of Israel followed ____

Round 1


A. The citadel

B. Carmel

C. Mt. Horeb


18:42 Ahab went to the top of _____

Round 1


They knew the sea

B. They supplied cedar and cypress

C. They were skilled at quarrying


9:27 Why did Hiram send servants to work with the servants of Solomon?

Round 1


A. Taking Jezebel as wife

B. Forgetting Bible Bowl notebook

C. Dropping cards


16:31 What was called a “trivial thing”?

Round 1