the six character archetypes embodied n.
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The Six Character Archetypes Embodied PowerPoint Presentation
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The Six Character Archetypes Embodied

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The Six Character Archetypes Embodied - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Six Character Archetypes Embodied. The World of Utan .

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the creation of utan

Utan was created by a fierce dragon god named Ariabod. He formed 6 elemental continents along with a central, neutral continent. To rule each of these continents, besides the neutral continent that he took for himself, he created 6 gods and goddesses with 6 of his scales. Each of these gods and goddesses contained the equivalent of half Ariabod’s power. Ariabod allowed his new creations to create and form their respective continent into the shape that they wished, and also allowed them to create the people’s who inhabited each continent. Each god or goddess was also given permission to teach its people certain skills and abilities known to that particular god.

The Creation of Utan
breakdown of the continents

The Continents and their respective god and element are as follows:

    • Arcania – continent of neutrality with god Ariabod.
    • Lucidia – continent of light with goddess Lucretia
    • Lyrenion – continent of air with goddess Veata
    • Sibarcand – continent of fire with god Pyralis
    • Morta – continent of darkness with god Tynan
    • Egalaia – continent of earth with god Nitesh
    • Aquaia – continent of water with goddess Chailyn
Breakdown of the Continents

Prince of Arcania

    • Arash’s character archetype is the Hero, who is tied directly to the resolution of the quest.
    • He is asked by his father, King Xerxes, to quest to the six elemental continents to change ignorance and hostility into peace and prosperity.
    • He finds that he must kill his treacherous father to deliver the peace and prosperity his father used as a ruse to achieve power.

Prince of Sibarcand

    • Adish’s character archetype is the Herald, who acts as a mirror for the hero and stays loyal and true to the hero.
    • He is exiled from his homeland at the age of 5 while attempting to master the art of flame-wielding.
    • He is sent to Arcania where he becomes like a brother to Arash and like a son to King Xerxes.

Prophetess of Aquaia

    • Dalila’s character archetype is the Mentor, who acts a guide or counselor to the hero and offers wisdom and direction to the hero.
    • Dalila is born of the water goddess, Chailyn, and carries the powers of arcane water magic and prophesying.
    • She hates the responsibility placed upon her shoulders until she joins Arash and finds she is the only one who can warn him of his father’s deceit.

King of Arcania

    • Xerxes’ character archetype is the Shadow, who acts as an evil force working against the hero.
    • King Xerxes was a kind and compassionate king until the day his son was born and his wife died.
    • He now searches for an outlet for his grief and despair by gaining the power of the 6 gods of the elemental continents, so that he may kill the one supreme being and take reign of the world.

Mischievous Pixie of Lyrenion

    • Aira’s character archetype is the Trickster, who acts as the comic relief for the hero and the others in contact with her.
    • Aira, like all of the pixies on the continent of Lyrenion, enjoys a life of peace and ease among the clouds and open meadows.
    • When Aira first meets Arash and his companions she steals their travel gear and hides their boat in mist.
    • She becomes an invaluable friend and ally as she has the ability to control the air currents, and therefore the weather.

Distraught Dark Elf of Morta

    • Siyamak’s character archetype is the Shape-shifter, who changes opinions, wants, and beliefs causing the hero possible confusion and temptation.
    • Siyamak lives on the hostile continent of Morta, where he has grown up with a very hard and negative outlook towards life.
    • Siyamak joins Arash when he learns of possible prosperity and an easier life for his people.
    • He then joins Xerxes’ quest for power when he is tricked into believing he and his people would be given free reign if he helps Xerxes.
    • This again changes as he learns of Xerxes true plan and rejoins Arash.