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The Giant Squid

This is an image of a Giant Squids sucker sucking on a Sperm Whale. The Giant Squid. By Angelo . Intro.

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The Giant Squid

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  1. This is an image of a Giant Squids sucker sucking on a Sperm Whale. The Giant Squid By Angelo

  2. Intro Giant Squids are very fascinating creatures, because of there size, there agility and there quickness. Giant Squids don’t back down with out a fight. Giant Squids are carnivores, there size is mostly 33 feet or 10 meters long. Giant Squids weight is 440 lbs (200 kg,) there group name is a school of Squids. Don’t go near a Squid because, a Squid might release a large cloud of ink to confuse predators/or prey. What ever the Giant Squid gets its hands on, basically it will eat it. A Giant Squids scientific name is, “Architeuthis.”

  3. Location Giant Squids are mostly located in the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, so watch out if your in those areas. But the Giant Squids are located every were in the world.

  4. The Giant Squids enemy This is an image of a Giant Squids sucker sucking on a Sperm Whale. Like all Squid, a giant Squid has a body, eight tentacles and two longer tentacles. The arms and tentacles account for much of the Giant squid's great length, so Giant Squid are much lighter than their chief predators, Sperm Whales. The Squids enemy is the Sperm Whale, this is a image of a Squids sucker leaving marks on a piece of a Sperm Whale. The Sucker is the circle bit of the Squids tentacles. The Giant Squid also sprays out ink.

  5. A Giant Squids diagram The Squid has nine parts of its body such as, eyes, fins, a head, eight arms, clubs, two longer feeding tentacles , mantles, a siphon, a beak and a mouth. Giant Squids have, eyes, a head and arms like a human, (But us humans don’t have eight arms.) This is an image of a Giant Squid diagram

  6. Squid Facts 1. Green land sharks eat dead Giant Squid. 2. Giant Squids are invertebrates, they are the largest invertebrates in the world, “invertebrates” means an animal or creature has no back-bone. 3. The longest recorded Giant Squid ever was 60 feet, or in other words, 18 meters long. 4. Giant Squids eyes are the size of beach balls. 5. A Giant Squids length is as long as a school bus. 6. Giant Squids live 10,200 meters deep in the open water.

  7. Squid Facts 2 7. At night in world war 2 a lot of people were killed by Giant Squids. 8. Giant Squid are mostly found in Sperm Whales stomachs. 9. The Giant Squid isn't actually the longest Squid, the Colossal Squid is. 10. The Giant Squid is one of the most powerful animals in the Sea. 11. The Giant Squids cousin is the Colossal Squid.

  8. Diet Their diet likely consists of fish, shrimp and other Squid and some suggest they might even attack and eat small whales. Giant Squid are fast moving carnivores that catch prey with their two feeding tentacles, then hold the prey with there eight arms and they bite it into small pieces using a parrot-like beak.

  9. Life cycle The Giant Squid has a short life cycle of one to three years. They grow very rapidly and the male can reach maturity within a year. Females grow larger than males and may live longer. Their threats are mainly sperm whales and the pacific sleeper sharks. They can change their skin colour in a split second using pigment cells, Their survival depends on it.

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