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No Talking

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No Talking
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  1. No Talking Author Andrew Clements PowerPoint By: Lexi

  2. Characters Dave Packer is a boy who is in 5th grade. He used to talk a lot but not any more. He has brown hair, brown eyes and some freckles. Dave was the one that started the contest of No Talking agented the girls and boys because he read a book about Ghandy and was trying to be like him. Lindsey is a girl who is in 5th grade. She used to talk a lot but not any more. She has blond hair and blue eyes. Lindsey does not like Dave at all but at the end of the book they were friends. Lindsey is also the leader of the girls.

  3. Favorite character My favorite character is Dave because he was the one who started the compitition and because he’s very brave to get the hole 5th grade to not talk.

  4. Summery The setting took place at school. One day Dave read a book about Ghandi and was trying to be like him. So one day at school Dave told all the 5th graders to have a no talking contest against the girls and boys. Dave was the leader for the boys and Lindsey was the leader for the girls the battle was on. Lindsey keep track for the girls and Dave keep track for the boys and you hade to be honest if you talked at home or at school. Once they went to music they would not sing because they could only say three words so they split the song in half and same for all the other classes all the teachers were annoyed. So they went to the principals office to talk to the principal about this so they all made an agreement the kids hade to start talking again. The principal went to the lunch room when the 5th graders were there she said Dave you have to stop this no talking contested now NO Dave shouted at the principal. The principal walked out of the room and went back to her office and sat there. Finally the principal said to her helper go and get Dave Packer from the lunch room ok she said. Dave the principal wants you ok Dave said going to the principals room. Once he got there the principal was faced backed to the window and said Dave I’m sorry about what i said and being mean and yelling throw the bullhorn in front of the hole 5th grade its ok Dave said ok said the principal.

  5. Main things • Dave read a book about Ghandy and was trying to be like him so he started a no talking contest. • Dave told the hole 5th grade about it. • The rules were you could only say three words and you would have to tell the truth if you talked at home of school. • The teachers were getting really mad at the students and told the principal. • The principal talked to Dave and said stop the contest now.

  6. Plot • The plot of no talking is very funny because the hole 5th grade gets together and has a no talking contest against the girls and boys.