managing microsoft applications with cisco ucs manager powertool n.
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Managing Microsoft Applications with Cisco UCS Manager & PowerTool PowerPoint Presentation
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Managing Microsoft Applications with Cisco UCS Manager & PowerTool

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Managing Microsoft Applications with Cisco UCS Manager & PowerTool - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Managing Microsoft Applications with Cisco UCS Manager & PowerTool. <Speaker Name>. <Speaker Title>. <Date>. The Best Data Center Is One You Never Notice. It Is Agile, Efficient, And Simple. Data Center Management Challenges Require a trade-off between quality, time and resources. Quality.

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Managing Microsoft Applications with Cisco UCS Manager & PowerTool

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    1. Managing Microsoft Applications with Cisco UCS Manager & PowerTool <Speaker Name> <Speaker Title> <Date>

    2. The Best Data Center Is One You Never Notice It Is Agile, Efficient, And Simple

    3. Data Center Management ChallengesRequire a trade-off betweenquality, time and resources Quality Resources Time • Responsiveness diminishes as complexity and demand increase • Different tools needed to manage each layer of the data center Data Center Performance • Developing workarounds are costly and time consuming

    4. Microsoft Applications on Cisco Unified Compute System (UCS) End the need for trade-offs Quality Resources Time • Agile: • Increase flexibility • Deploy new services in minutes not weeks • Respond to changing business environment • Achieve scale more easily • Simple: • Reduce complexity • Control server and network architectures with a common OS • Unify servers, storage, network and management • Leverage existing tools and skill sets Data Center Performance Simple Agile Efficient • Efficient: • Manage Costs • Reduce management and operational expense • Decrease the footprint required to deploy applications • Require less cabling, lower power and cooling costs

    5. Integrated & Simple Management ToolsOptimize Your Data Center’s Functions • Cisco UCS Manager • Manages Cisco UCS servers across multiple blade chassis and rack servers as one logical, highly available entity with flexible service profiles • Provides granular UCS visibility and control to Microsoft data center management tools through a comprehensive XML API • Microsoft System Center • A suite of tools that provide management, virtualization, monitoring, and security for your data center • Manage your physical and virtual IT environments across data centers, client computers and devices

    6. UCS Manager & System Center Together Bring Unsurpassed Power, Control And Efficiency • Embedded in Cisco UCS products • Provides end-to-end management in the UCS platform • Eliminates the need for an external management server • Enables rapid provisioning and scaling of IT infrastructure • Comprehensive XML API gives customers programmatic capability to choose their management tools • UCS Manager + • UCS Manager seamlessly integrates with Microsoft System Center tools such as Operations Manager, Orchestrator and Virtual Machine Manager • Employment of Cisco power to enhance your existing management tools and skill sets • Utilization of a single Microsoft interface to manage, monitor, measure and automate at every layer • Management of physical and virtual machines identically

    7. UCS PowerTool: Bringing More Power to PowerShell • The Essential Tool Kit • PowerShell is the common management platform used across all Microsoft operating systems and applications • UCS PowerTool is a Cisco-built, user-friendly, PowerShell-based library that Microsoft tools understand • A simple way to utilize Windows PowerShell and customize tools to business needs • Don’t reinvent the wheel… …build on it

    8. UCS Management and Integration PacksEase IT management through a single interface UCS PowerTool for PowerShell • “Single Pane of Glass” Software Operations Manager Orchestrator Management Pack Integration Pack Integration .NET Library UCS Manager Infrastructure & Unified Compute System • Physical • Virtual

    9. Case Study: Microsoft Partner Solutions Center • Challenge • Enhance virtualization infrastructure with new, advanced server platform • Update processor and memory availability and decrease data center footprint • Improve virtualized services and create private cloud: 2,000+ virtual machines • 4 people managing the infrastructureSolution • 15 Cisco UCS blade servers • Cisco UCS management capabilities integrated with System Center • Results • 1 day to migrate all virtual machines • Achieved without service interruption in a production environment • Fully automated provisioning - streamlined data center operations • From 1 day to less than 1 hour - reduced deployment time for host servers • Lowered power usage by 66% - resulting in major cost savings “The MPSC lab environment runs end to end with System Center, Virtual Machine Manager and other Microsoft products… so the ability to manage the entire system through a single Systems Center-compatible console was a key factor in our decision process,” - David Hayes, Senior Director, Microsoft Partner Solutions Center

    10. The Cisco and Microsoft Management AdvantageFreedom to choose. Freedom to innovate. Empowers You To Manage • more confidently • more efficiently • more economically • You take it from here…wherever you want

    11. The Cisco and Microsoft Advantage Freedom to choose. Freedom to innovate. • Investigate the possibilities with UCS Manager • DiscoverCisco’s Microsoft solutions: • Realize the power. Download Cisco’s PowerTool