Sales distribution management 2005 martin khan
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Sales & Distribution Management (2005) Martin Khan. Instructor Abdel Fatah Afifi MA&T, MBA, BA, ACPA, CPT 1 st Semester 2009/2010. Chapter 9. Theories of Personal Selling. AIDAS Theory of Selling. The initials of the Five words used to express AIDAS : A ttention, I nterest, D esire,

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Sales distribution management 2005 martin khan

Sales & Distribution Management (2005)Martin Khan


Abdel Fatah Afifi


1st Semester 2009/2010

Chapter 9
Chapter 9

Theories of Personal Selling

Aidas theory of selling
AIDAS Theory of Selling

The initials of the Five words used to express AIDAS :




Action, and


are the skeleton around which many sales functions are organized.

According to this theory, the prospect goes through five mental stages before taking the decision to purchase or not to purchase.

The sellers' job is to lead the customer in such a way that the sales can be made.

Seeking attention
Seeking Attention

  • Sales person needs an ample supply of "conversation openers" to conduct an interview with the customers and securing their attention towards the main theme (the product).

  • A good conversationalist causes the prospect to relax and sets the stage for the total presentation.

  • Once the prospect starts paying attention, the rest of the task requires less effort.

Gaining interest
Gaining Interest

It can be done with the help of:

  • Catalogues,

  • Sales portfolios,

  • Flipcharts or,

  • Other visual aids.

    It depends on the smartness of the sales person.

    The sales person must take into account:

  • Basic motivation,

  • Mood and,

  • Time of prospect while selecting the appeal to emphasize.

Kindling desire
Kindling Desire

  • Goal is to kindle the prospects desire to the ready-to-buy point.

  • Sales person must keep the conversation running.

  • The chance of making a sales improves if all the objection are treated beforehand.

Inducing action
Inducing Action

  • If everything has been perfect, the prospect is ready to buy.

  • "A Prospect will not buy anything if left alone".

  • Sales person should know how to recognize closing signals from the buyer, including physical actions, comments and questions.

  • Sales people can ask for the order, review points of agreement, offer to help write up the order, ask whether the buyer wants this model or that one and note that the buyer will loose out if the order is not placed now.

Customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

  • Satisfaction is necessary to reassure the customer that the decision was correct.

  • The sales person then should schedule a follow up call when the initial order is received to make sure of proper service.

  • The order is the climax of the selling situation, so the possibility of anticlimax should be avoided because customers sometimes un-sell themselves.

Buying formula theory
Buying Formula Theory

Need (Problem)



Buying formula theory1
Buying Formula Theory

  • The buyer is governed by needs or problems and the sales person's role is to assist the buyer to arrive at a solution.

  • It stresses on the thinking process that goes on inside the mind of the buyer that causes the decision to buy or not buy.

Buying Formula Theory

Need (Problem)




Basic requirements of sales promotion
Basic requirements of sales promotion

  • Identifying the basic requirement (identify the need of sales promotion as to why this campaign is being undertaken).

  • Identifying the right promotional program.

  • Role of a salesman

  • Role of the dealers

  • Launching and follow up campaign

  • Tuning of the campaign (Seasons, Festivals, New year, or other special events of national and local interest should be kept in mind).

  • Coordination with other elements of promotion