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ZINEV ART TECHNOLOGIES. In general …. Zinev Art Technologies Ltd. is a private Bulgarian company, established in Feb 2005, with a team of 4 full-time and 3 part-time experts. The main aims of ZAT are: to support the educational, cultural and economic development of civil societ y ;

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in general
In general …
  • Zinev Art Technologies Ltd. is a private Bulgarian company, established in Feb 2005, with a team of 4 full-time and 3 part-time experts.
  • The main aims of ZAT are:
    • to support the educational, cultural and economic development of civil society;
    • to popularize the new technologies in the field of education and practice, through "life-long learning", formal and in-formal learning, “in-service" training, "hands-on" experiences;
    • to create opportunities for modern and effective professional training in different areas;
    • to stimulate intercultural and artistic exchange of experience, skills and ideas;
main projects
Main projects
  • “Valorisation Event, comprising of a Thematic Conference Section, Showcases Section and Workshop Section, for dissemination and exploitation of Leonardo da Vinci projects results and products focused on providing tourism related vocational training” - Project co-financed by the European Commission under the "Leonardo da Vinci", Call for proposals DG EAC/92/04 "Awarding of Grants for Valorization Conferences for the Exploitation of Results from Leonardo da Vinci Projects". Contract №: BG-05-CF-011 – developer/subcontractor;
  • “Networking tourism and training centres in Novo Selo and Giurgita” PHARE cross-border collaboration project Bulgaria-Romania, contract number: 2004/016-783.01.03.06 – developer/subcontractor;
  • “National preservation area “Yailata” – tourist attraction with developed and accessible infrastructure”, Pilot Integrated Investment Scheme for Regional Development - BG2003/004.937.11.03 – developer/subcontractor;
  • „Developing a capacity for joint projects development and implementation in the cross-border region Ivaylovgrad - Mecidiye ”, contract number BG 2005/017-453.02.01.01-04, partner.
main projects1
Main projects
  • “eTalent: Valorization of eLearning projects results focused on the effects of ICT application and innovation introduction on youth talent development”, project co-financed by the eLearning program of the EU. Contract number: 2006-4504/001-001 ELE ELEB14 – developer/partner. www.e-talent.eu
  • “Michelangelo: Unlocking European Fine Art”, financed by the European Commission under the Lifelong long Learning programme – sub-programme Comenius. Contract number: 134318-LLP-1-20071-IT-Comenius, project start Dec 2007, duration 24 months, partner. http://projects.pixel-online.org/michelangelo/info/index.php
  • “OnAir: Effective Use of Media for School Education”, financed by the European Commission under the Lifelong long Learning programme, Comenius; Contract number: Project Number 142299–LLP–1–2008–1–IT–COMENIUS–CMP, partner.
  • “Math-Bridge: European Remedial Content for Mathematics”, financed by the European Commission under the eContentplus programme, project start May 2009, duration 30 months, partner

NGOs, business organizations, training organizations, among which:

  • Foundation for Development of the Cultural and Business Potential of Civil Society, Sofia, Bulgaria: www.cubufoundation.com
  • Foundation MATERIKA, Varna, BG: www.klas6-edu.com
  • Centre for non-formal education, Sofia: http://major.zaedno.net/
  • Esode Srl., Cagliari: www.esode.it
  • VebConsult: http://www.veb.it/
  • PIXEL: http://www.pixel-online.net/
  • Deutsche Angestellten Akademie, Braunschweig: www.daa-braunschweig.de
  • Universität des Saarlandes: http://www.uni-saarland.de/en/
  • University of Landau: http://www.uni-koblenz-landau.de/
  • Nevron DOO, Ljublijana: www.nevron.si
  • Sava, holding company, d.d.: http://www.sava.si
  • TEHNE – Centre for Innovation and Development in Education: www.tehne.ro
  • ONECO: http://www.oneco.org
  • KEA Vocational Development Centre: www.keahellas.org
  • Romanian Association for Community Development: http://www.ardc.ro/
  • National Foundation for Community Development: http://www.fndc.ro/en/

A number of school partners throughout Bulgaria, among which:

  • Vocational high school of electronics – Sofia “John Atanasov”: http://spge-bg.com
  • National school of Arts, Rousse: http://artrousse.com/
  • National high school in finance and business http://www.nfsg.online.bg/en/index.htm
  • All schools involved in the eTalent, Michelangelo and OnAir project

A number of Bulgarian local authorities,a mong which:

  • Municipality of Kavarna, Bulgaria: www.kavarna.bg
  • Municipality of Kula, Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Shabla, Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Novo selo, district Vidin, Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Kostinbrod, Bulgaria: http://www.kostinbrod.bg/
  • Municipality of Rakovski, Bulgaria

And others…

main team members
Main team-members
  • Zornitsa Staneva, Project manager
  • Tel.: 00359 2 8622506; 00359 889 306134
  • [email protected]
  • As of 2001 Zornitsa started working on and under EU projects.

Within the period 2001-2004 she accumulated professional skills

and competences by working under Leonardo da Vinci pilot projects

“Training E-business in tourism” and “Training in marketing

and application of Internet for promotion of tourism resources”,

transfer of innovation project “Training E-Business for Tourism SMEs”

as well as under national PHARE projects for professional qualifications

for entrepreneurship for unemployed youths.

  • Zornitsa has a master’s degree in Business administration

And International economic relations.

  • In the beginning of 2005 she set up the Zinev Art Technologies team

and continued focused work under EU projects, key-competence qualifications

training provision and public-private partnerships establishment.

  • During 2007 she worked as the project manager of “eTalent”, co-financed

by the eLearning program of the EU.

  • Among other things she developed and implemented the “Networking tourism and training centres in Novo Selo and Giurgita” PHARE cross-border collaboration project lead by the municipality of Novo selo, Bulgaria and the marketing and management plans for one of the biggest natural and archeological preservation areas – Yailata Preserve – situated on the territory of the municipality of Kavarna.
  • As of 2008 she has been managing also the “Michealngelo” and “OnAir”Comenius projects and became a certified external consultant for the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Foods for the implementation of the LEADER approach in Bulgarian municipalities, as a part of the national policy for regional development.
main team members1
Main team-members
  • Dr. Miglena Molhova, Researcher/Trainer
  • Tel.: 00359 2 8622506; 00359 886 576727
  • [email protected]
  • Miglena Molhova has been working as a member

of the ZAT team since 2005. She has been working under

a number of EU projects. She has studied carefully

and implemented successfully the entire scope of project life

connected operations, including project development,

implementation, reporting and organizing everybody’s

work as a target oriented team.

  • Miglena Molhova graduated in Economics, specialty

“Intellectual property” from the University of National

and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria in 2001.

In 2008 she acquired her PhD degree in economics.

  • Since 2002 to present she has been working

as an assistant professor at the University of National

and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria, responsible

for the education on the following subjects “Intellectual property”;

“Patent policy”; “Licensing”, “Electronic commerce”.

  • So far Miglena Molhova has been involved as project planner, researcher and/or manager in more than 10 projects funded by the European Commission and Bulgarian public bodies, in the field of education and training, ICT application, tourism, culture and art.
contact us
Contact us…

Contact details:

Zinev art technologies, Ltd

44 Krichim Str., floor 1, office 9

1407 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel./Fax: 00359 2 8622 506

E-mail: [email protected]

Web-site: www.artsbg.net

SKYPE: zinevart

Contact person:

Miglena Molhova

Tel./Fax: 00359 2 8622506

Mobile: 00359 889 306134

E-mail: [email protected]