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Connecting the smart city February 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Connecting the smart city February 2018

Connecting the smart city February 2018

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Connecting the smart city February 2018

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  1. Smart Fusion Pole Connecting the smart city February 2018

  2. Connecting the networkNew urban locations required for 5G Mobile network operators need to add 10 to 100 times more antenna locations in connected cities to expand and densify their networks for 5G. Access to hundreds of thousands of sites across the U.S. will speed deployment and enable plug-and-play installations. • Source: Accenture Strategy – Smart Cities, How 5G Can Help Municipalities Become Vibrant Smart Cities 2017

  3. Connecting the smart cityPotential wireless sites for mobile network operators ~26 million streetlights in the U.S. We are working with municipalities to access existing light pole locations for the deployment of Smart Fusion Poles. • Source: U.S. Department of Energy 2013 Street Lighting Consortium

  4. Connecting the peopleWireless infrastructure for dense populations 80.7% of the U.S. population lives in urban areas* *according to the 2010 Census, urban areas are defined as “densely developed residential, commercial or other nonresidential areas.” • Source:

  5. Today’s mobility challenge • Mobile Wireless Operators must increase network capacity to accommodate user demand for high-bandwidth services, especially in cities and areas where people congregate. • Cities need to implement smart city initiatives to improve communication, public safety and efficiency. • The challenge is to rapidly deploy wireless sites on a large scale to keep up with today’s demand, as well as plan for 5G and next-generation technologies. 5

  6. Urban wireless broadband requirements For Mobile Network Operators • Prime, street-level sites for network densification • Predictable, fast and easy deployment on a large scale • Future-ready access to support 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) • Flexible design to accommodate equipment from major manufacturers

  7. Urban wireless broadband requirements For Cities Aesthetically designed infrastructure to blend in with cityscape Smart city services harnessing the potential of IoT to improve public safety and civic services Industrialized deployment to speed time to market and minimize disruption to city and citizens Shared infrastructure to support services from all mobile network operators

  8. Alliance overviewAlliance delivers enhanced network performance and efficiency. • American Tower and Philips Lighting have formed an alliance to bring to market the Smart Fusion Pole, which combines energy-efficient LED lighting and controls with shared wireless infrastructure, to meet the connectivity challenges faced by mobile network operators and cities. • Our agreement with cities across the U.S. will provide access to existing light pole locations for the deployment of Smart Fusion Poles, enabling hundreds of thousands of potential communications sites. • End-to-end integrator • Deploys and owns smart poles • Lighting expertise • Master permit agreements • Supplies pole, with pre-installed cables and antennas Mobile Network Operators City • Selects pole locations • Selects and deploys fiber • Provides electricity • Maintains luminaire 8

  9. The Smart Fusion Pole • luminaire • Prime Locations • Access to hundreds of thousands of street-level sites in urban markets • Large-Scale Deployment • Cluster permitting allows the deployment of a large volume of sites at a time • Fast and Easy Installation • Plug-and-play flexibility for radio installation, ready access for mobile network operators • Future-Ready Access • Capability to host current and future radios and antennas • Aesthetic Design • Hides wireless equipment in plain sight and blends into any cityscape • Supports Multiple Mobile Network Operators • Shared infrastructure to maximize scale and speed • multiple antennas • mid pole • pole base • two radio bays

  10. Industry-leading aestheticsHigh emphasis on aesthetics replacing existing light poles • Variety of luminaires available • Integrated antennas • Universal design to match any traditional or decorative streetlights in the U.S. • Base for remote radio heads is a structural part of the pole Cobra Head family 20’ Cobra Head example 8’’ wide mid-pole 14” wide base 7’ tall base Decorative family 12’ Decorative example 8’’ wide mid-pole 14” wide base 7’ tall base

  11. IoT Breakthrough Awards • American Tower and Philips Lighting were selected as winners of the 2018 IoT Breakthrough Award in two categories: • Overall Smart City Solution Provider of the Year • Industrial Smart Lighting Solution of the Year • The IoT Breakthrough Awards program recognizes the top innovators and leaders in the global IoT market, and the Smart Fusion Pole was selected out of 2,000+ nominations from companies all over the world. 11

  12. Smart Fusion Pole, primary applications • Increase capacity in cities • Increase capacity for the outside of private venues, such as outdoor malls, parking lots of sporting venues, concert arenas, etc. • Increase coverage and capacity for historic village districts • Increase coverage and capacity in suburban neighborhoods for Over The Top (OTT) wireless cable services • Coverage for rural-sensitive areas, corridors, canyons, etc. where towers are prohibitive 12

  13. Accelerated deployment • Agreements with cities provide access to hundreds of thousands of existing streetlight locations • Cluster permitting, deploying a large volume of sites at a time, provides streamlined deployment on a large scale • Industrialized deployment methodology speeds time to market • Ready access and plug-and-play design enables quick installation

  14. Agreement with the City of Huntington Beach, CA • American Tower’s agreement with the City of Huntington Beach provides: • Exclusive access to 200 existing light pole locations for the deployment of Smart Fusion Poles • Sites situated predominantly along the Pacific Highway and downtown areas, close to many popular restaurants and retail establishments • Access to high-performance broadband to meet the insatiable demand for high-speed data, especially during world-class events, like the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing

  15. Agreement with the City of Huntington Beach, CA • “We want to be a leader in smart city initiatives to provide residents, businesses and visitors a better city experience and quality of life. Equally important is the ability to maintain the aesthetics of this beautiful seaside city I call home. That’s why I’m so excited about the Smart Fusion Pole; it provides the connectivity required for our smart city initiatives, without sacrificing the beauty and vista of our city.” • – Mike Posey, City of Huntington Beach Mayor

  16. Access to private property locations • Access to 300+ malls and venues for the deployment of Smart Fusion Poles in parking lots and busy outdoor areas • Leverage our existing agreement with property owners • Off-load capacity from macro network in heavily trafficked areas 16

  17. Connect your smart city with us A global leader in wireless infrastructure A global leader in lighting Access to shared infrastructure in prime locations Fast-track deployments Innovative design that enables 4G, 5G, IoT and beyond