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MSDII Managerial Review

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MSDII Managerial Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MSDII Managerial Review. P10011 Rochester Institute of Technology 05/19/2010. Project Status. Flex Sensor Update Conceptually not fit for elbow Ergonomic issues. Infeasible implementation Pursue other uses of Flex. Project Status - Dan. Budget Risk Assessment Update Project Plan

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msdii managerial review

MSDII Managerial Review


Rochester Institute of Technology


project status
Project Status
  • Flex Sensor Update
    • Conceptually not fit for elbow
    • Ergonomic issues
  • Infeasible implementation
  • Pursue other uses of Flex
project status dan
Project Status - Dan
  • Budget
  • Risk Assessment Update
  • Project Plan
  • Engineering Specs
  • Customer Satisfaction
risk assessment
Risk Assessment
  • Risk: Patient cannot move naturally while using system
    • Would adulterate reported data
    • Reviewed results with Customer and Advisor
    • Mitigated during design phase by making people’s movements a design concern
  • Risk: Testing phase does not occur under realistic circumstances
    • Enclosures would not survive ‘real’ conditions
    • Exposed enclosures to expected usage
    • Mitigated by testing beyond overloading test conditions upon completion to find approximate factor of safety.
risk assessment1
Risk Assessment
  • Major Risk: Interfaces do not stay on patient
    • Sensor package reports useless data
  • Solution
    • Careful attention paid to making the system viable for patients with many body types
    • Mitigated by delivering multiple attachment styles
risk assessment2
Risk Assessment
  • Risk: Lack of communication between P10010 and P10011
    • Incomplete Design
    • Failure to explore possibilities completely
    • Mitigated by ensuring regular between groups and/or bi-weekly meetings
success evaluation
Success Evaluation
  • Areas of success:
    • Designed functional prototype
    • Tested several attachment techniques
    • Documented all results for future team
  • Areas of lack of success
    • Flex sensor implementation
joe piehler
Joe Piehler
  • Punctual
    • Attended all relevant meetings, on time
    • Prepared to work on arrival
  • Thorough and Accurate
    • Test plan results recording
    • Majority of paper writing and proofreading
  • Communicative
    • Always available by text or e-mail
  • Professional and Ethical
  • Dedicated
    • Never asked more of the team than I was willing to do myself
joe piehler1
Joe Piehler
  • Test Plan
    • Designed majority of tests
    • Carried out many tests individually
    • Designed and updated results of testing
  • Project Plan
    • Updated as needed
  • Wrote majority of final paper
dan shields
Dan Shields
  • Punctual
    • Always attended meetings
    • Attended associated presentations when possible
  • Thorough and Accurate
  • Communicative
    • Hard to reach by email
  • Professional and Ethical
  • Dedicated
  • Underestimated project complexity
  • Overestimated my own productivity
  • I hate the flu
  • Stubbornness and Vindication Trap
dan shields1
Dan Shields
  • Acquired materials
  • Pursued Informed suggestions for attachments
  • Performed concept testing
  • Lead attachment
  • Testing of enclosures
alex frechette
Alex Frechette
  • Punctual
    • Always made necessary meetings
    • Not always present for Fridays, my work was complete for what the testing team needed on Fridays when testing was completed
  • Thorough and Accurate
    • Comprehensive manufacturing plan
    • Manufactured quality hard enclosures
  • Communicative
    • Easily assessable through email and phone
  • Professional and Ethical
  • Dedicated
alex frechette1
Alex Frechette
  • Hard Enclosure Manufacturing Lead
  • Learn Manufacturing techniques
  • Switching Materials
  • Modifications to design on fly
  • Delivering 6 enclosures

Small Hard Enclosure

alex frechette2
Alex Frechette
  • Wearing units testing
  • Apply Knowledge to appropriate sections of paper
  • Loading Documents on Edge
deliverables checklist
Deliverables Checklist
  • Manufacturing Plan
  • Updated Project Plan
  • Final BOM
  • Test Results
  • Updated Edge
  • Functional Prototypes
  • Paper
  • Poster
  • Foundation for Future Teams
alex msd i lessons learned
Alex – MSD I Lessons Learned
  • UniGraphics NX Software
  • Pushed to order materials at end of MSD I
  • Paid more attention to Material Selection
    • Polyethylene was chosen during BOM stage based on price and availability
  • Learned importance of the design process and documents
    • Project plan, selection process,
  • Ask questions during design process
    • Easier to ask questions early then make changes later
  • How to work as a team to complete deliverables
alex msd ii lessons learned
Alex – MSD II Lessons Learned
  • Plan accordingly to meet deadlines for team
  • Parallel Manufacturing and testing
  • Value of finding the right tools
  • Polyethylene poor machining properties
  • Delrin is a much better choice
  • Communication with P10010
  • Overall, learned how valuable the design process can be
dan lessons learned
Dan - Lessons Learned
  • Overextended
  • 80% confidence
    • 20% whispering doubt, saying do more testing
  • Communication
    • Give honest critique
    • Speak Up
    • Reinforce Others
  • Limits
  • Organized Planning
joe msd i lessons learned
Joe – MSD I Lessons Learned
  • Communication
  • Recording information
  • Risk Assessment and Project Plan
  • More expertise needed earlier
  • Tradeoffs between academic and practical goals
  • Effectiveness of Design Process
joe msd ii lessons learned
Joe – MSD II Lessons Learned
  • Communication!
  • Sliding scope of project
  • Facility Contingency
  • Earlier Flex testing