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Bell Quiz Unit 1 #1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Bell Quiz Unit 1 #1

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Bell Quiz Unit 1 #1
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Bell Quiz Unit 1 #1

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  1. Bell Quiz Unit 1 #1 • Find Bell Quiz #1 • Carefully read the questions and then find the best answer. • Yes, you may write on this • This is a QUIET first 5 minutes of class. I will take roll during this time. • Yes, you may use your study guide, but NOT your neighbor. • You will help me correct this so be prepared with the correct answers. • Keep this Bell Quiz the ENTIRE SEMESTER

  2. Seating Chart • Not a punishment, but a means to organization. • If there is a problem with your seat, please let me know. • This will be your seat the entire semester.

  3. “Some believe the greatest threat to our national security and future comes not from an external enemy, but from the enemy within – in our loss of strong moral and community values and support.”Marian Wright Edelman


  5. Character Traits #1 Practice (10 needed each quarter – turn in at end of the quarter) • Character Trait • Meaning / Definition • How does / can this trait benefit you in your life now? • How will this trait benefit your children?

  6. Child Time • Cereal Necklaces • Tie a cereal on to the end of the yarn • Thread cereal on to the yarn. • Tie the yarn when you are done. • Wear, share, or eat your necklace!

  7. Child Development Mrs. Johnson Blog - Email - I WILL GIVE YOU AND YOUR PARENTS WEEKLY E-MAILS

  8. Career PATHWAYS – Which path are you on? Click for link

  9. FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES Below are the eight Pathways in Family & Consumer Sciences Education: Child Development Consumer Economics ServicesFamily and Human Services Fashion Design, Manufacturing and MerchandisingFood Science, Dietetics and NutritionFood Service and Culinary ArtsHospitality ServicesInterior Design

  10. Child development is • The study of children and their growth and development as they move through various stages of life. Students will receive practical, usable skills to assist them in becoming better educated and better prepared caregivers, siblings, parents, and citizens. You are developing children! • Students will be expected to: Think of this place as your job. What is expected and acceptable on the job is the same for this class. • FIRST EXPECTATION = print off and sign the disclosure statement and human sexuality form clip Child Development Blog and Disclosure

  11. Come prepared to Work, Participate, Learn, and Have Fun • Class will include: daily reflections, children’s book and song evaluations, speakers, assignments, tests, child care experiences, observations, projects, group work, a NOTEBOOK, and CTE state competency test • Each student will come to class prepared with paper, writing utensil and a class notebook. I will not supply these. • Students are responsible for all information and work presented in class whether here or not. • Check assignment board often for assignments, due dates, and personal progress • There is a $2.50 class fee - covers cost of extra experiences. Worth 300 points. If this is not paid, you will have an “F”.

  12. NOT a STUDENT LOUNGE! • GET INVOLVED! • This class is not a student lounge. When you are here you will participate, work, learn, and have fun. If lounging about is more appealing than participating, I encourage you to find a lounging class.

  13. FCCLAFamily, Career, and CommunityLeaders of America • Family Career and Community Leaders of America is the only student organization with the family as its central focus • We are the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.We face the future with warm courage and high hope. For we have the clear consciousnessof seeking old and precious values.For we are the builders of homes, Homes for America's future,Homes where living will be the expression of everything that is good and fair,Homes where truth and love and security and faith will be realities, not dreams. • Find out more at

  14. Pay and Bonuses are based on YOUR performance • Your paycheck for this class will be the grade that you receive. Just as you don’t receive money for not working, the same applies in class. Your grade is your choice. • Limited extra credit will be given for those who are all caught up with assignments, please do not ask for it. • Becoming a member of FCCLA, doing well on your state final, and hanging onto your vouchers. • Grading is as follows: See RUBRIC • 93 - 100 A 90 - 92 A- 87 - 89 B+ • 83 - 86 B 80 - 82 B- 77 - 79 C+ • 73 - 76 C 70 - 72 C- 67 - 69 D+ • 63 - 66 D 60 - 62 D - 59 - 0 F

  15. Be on the Job Everyday • Since most of the learning and assignments take place in class, attendance is a necessity • The school attendance policy will be followed • Make-up work will be given for excused absences. Students have until the next EO hour ends to make up work. • 10% penalty for all make-up and late work –whether excused or not. • A voucher must be attached to all make-up / late work or it will not be accepted. • Missed class? Visit the my class blog or online classroom.

  16. Follow the Instructions of the Supervisor • Due to the numerous hands on experiences, group work, and activities done in class, it is necessary for each student to remain in control of and be responsible for their actions and talking. • First 5 minutes of class are for roll and bell quiz. Last 5 minutes are set aside for questions and handing in late or make-up work. Take out a paper.

  17. Song #1 MY BONNIE • My Bonnie lies over the ocean. • My Bonnie lies over the sea. • My Bonnie lies over the ocean. • So Bring Back my Bonnie to me. • Bring Back, Bring Back. • Oh, Bring Back my Bonnie to me, to me. • Bring Back, Bring Back. • Oh, Bring Back my Bonnie to me.

  18. SONGS • Title your Paper Songs • Write #1 and the name of the song • Give this song a rating 1-5 (1-dislike) • Write a special point of interest • How can you use this with a child? • IF YOU MISS A SONG, SING ONE AND WRITE ABOUT IT. • This will be a great resource for the Child Care Class!

  19. Punch in on Time Students are expected to be on time • So as not to get marked absent, LATE students are to sign the tardy sheet before going to their seat. • More than 15 minutes late equals an absent. • A voucher can cancel out a tardy

  20. Complete all Assignments on Time • To be considered on time, work is to be handed in at the beginning of class or when called for. • Make PRIOR arrangements or provide Pre-notification if you know you will be absent because work is still due on the due date/final acceptance date whether you are here or not. • Late work will be accepted until the date of final acceptance for the unit. • A 10% penalty will be enforced upon all late/make-up work whether excused or not. • A voucher must be attached to all late workand make-up work or it will not be accepted. • Each student will receive 4 assignment VOUCHERS per quarter. This can be used for hall passes, tardies, 2 make-up or late work, or saved for 5 extra credit points each at the end of the quarter. • No sloppy, untidy, no-name, or otherwise substandard work will be graded.

  21. Follow company Rules • School rules and procedures will be followed and enforced. Dress code, electronic devices, ID tags….. • Outside food and drink are only to be brought to class on Food Day Fridays. • Citizenship will be marked as follows • “H” can be earned by students who are considerate of others, helpful, interested, follow class rules, are responsible, high percentage, and promote the success of the class. • “S” can be earned by students who follow class rules, are not disruptive, medium percentage, and have no more than 2 tardies/absences. • “N” will be given for inappropriate or disruptive behavior, for less than full effort, low percentages, and 4 tardies/absences • “U” will be given for beyond inappropriate or disruptive behavior, cheating or helping to cheat, and for 5 or more tardies/absences.

  22. FERPA • ► Due To recent concern regarding the Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA), I am letting you know that the student’s assignments might be corrected by other students, under the direction of the teacher. Students are advised that confidentiality and honesty are of the utmost importance. Any violation of such will be dealt with administratively.

  23. GET THIS SIGNED • The attached Human Sexuality consent form must be signed by yourself and your parent/guardian, regardless of your age, before you can participate in human sexuality instruction, Baby Think it Over, and the State competency test.

  24. It is your Responsibility Now…….. I have read and understood this disclosure statement and, even though I may not agree with it, I will comply with all of the requirements and policies. - Print it off - Sign It - Bring this portion back to class for 150 points and the attached Human Sexuality consent form for another 150 points. Child Development Disclosure

  25. Child Time Learning? • Remember, you’re developers of children! • What is the child learning and / or developing by doing the Cereal Necklace?

  26. MARY POPPINS Clip • Write down the Dad’s and the Children’s expectations of a nanny.

  27. What did they say? • Which side looks more fun? • Which side is more realistic? • Which side is more important? • Are we missing any key elements? • Come On 6

  28. Activity Processing • You had needs to be successful / to win – What were they? • Basic skills were needed and not a lot was expected. • Kids have basic needs too to be successful – look at our list, are we missing any of these?

  29. CHILDREN HAVE THE RIGHT TO:(Just because they were born and it’s in the parental contract) *Loving and Secure human relationships *Proper nutrition, healthful and safe living conditions and appropriate physical and psychological care. *Be taught essential living skills *Non-abusive discipline * Learn basic values and moral behavior *Be an independent and unique individual *Be protected from people, parents included, who may physically or mentally harm them *Develop individually talents What about parent’s rights?

  30. Parents have the right to…. • 5. Parents are legally responsible to provide for a child’s needs not their wants. • 6. In a parent – child relationship, the parent givesand the child receives. Is there anything special that these parents are doing to make these kids happy?

  31. Every child has the right to be well bred, well fed, and well led.

  32. Parenthood: the art of bringing up children without putting them down.

  33. Never get so busy making a living that you forget to build a life.

  34. It is easier to build a child than to repair an adult.

  35. It’s not how much money you spend on your child that makes the difference, but how much time you spend with them.

  36. The best things in life are not things.

  37. Reflection #2 • Use your reflection paper that you started last time. • Skip a line • Write the date and #2 • Write the prompt • Write 5 sentences on this topic.