Women empowerment ngo in delhi ncr
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Women Empowerment NGO in Delhi NCR - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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YSP India is one of the best women empowerment NGO in Delhi NCR and all over India. We work to help women Rape, Domestic violence,child trafficking and much more. \n

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Women empowerment ngo in delhi ncr

Women Empowerment NGO in Delhi NCR

Women empowerment is the most debatable issue in the last decade. Many laws have been introduced in the parliament to strengthen it further and many have been passed as well. Here, the question arises, is the women of our country still empowered? No, certainly not – this is not because of the scarcity of the laws for it, it is because of the mindset of the society, which still wants to bind women in the kitchen. Don’t take this thing so complex, just apply your conscience and think, is there any role made in the world, which women can’t perform in. No, if women can be the president of nations, heads of the organization (Banking and defense), can be the paratroops, anything remaining to put it here.

But still, it is the mindset of the society which can’t expect women on the authoritative role and lead them, despite having the ability and the mettle to do that. Laws are made for the citizens and if citizens are not interested in them, then they will be only remained on the papers, there is no significance left in them. And the same case is with the women empowerment laws. Since decades, many womenempowerment NGO in Delhi NCR are voicing against the atrocities happen on the women, like – Rape, Domestic violence, Child trafficking and much more. And due to their constant and painstaking efforts, many cases have been coming in public domain and many of them being prosecuted as well.

So, there is a substantial development on this issue can see, but there is a large scope on improvement is there. We would like to shed the light on the second pressing issue, which is a Child right. Do you what are child rights? The access to the basic education and right to food. But the children of our beloved country are deprived of that as well. Many are suffering from malnutrition, some are not having a full square meal in a day and many are dying because of starvation. Though, India is the frontrunner in the league of developing nations, but still it ranks 97th on the global hunger index of 130 countries. Many organizations in our country urging the wealthy community to come forward for the donation for Child rights in Delhi. This collected money will be spent on the welfare of the children, to provide them basic preliminary education and at least two square meals in a day. You can also come forward to join this movement.