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  1. Partner share Learning Objective: Read passages and make inferences about the information. Describe a movie where a toy comes to life.

  2. Partner share Learning Objective: What are we going to make today after reading a passage or information? Describe a movie where a toy comes to life.

  3. Vocabulary Inference – when you make a conclusion about a situation without being told that’s what it is. I can infer that this baby is very upset and nothing will make him happy. My evidence is in the picture the baby is crying uncontrollably and it doesn’t matter that everyone is trying to make him happy. He just keeps crying even though they are trying to calm him down with a bottle, toy, pacifier and rattle.

  4. An inference is a guess you make after thinking about what you already know. For example, suppose you plan to go to the beach. From what you know about beaches, you might infer that the beach is covered with sand and the sun is shining.

  5. Look at the picture. What can youinfer about this man? He is in a hurry because he is watching the time. He looks like he is in a hurry because he is on the phone and looking at his watch and people do that when the are in a hurry

  6. Making inferences with text. Making and inference means making a guess. You can make this guess by putting together what you know and what you read. I can infer that this student did a good job on their grades and will get their video game. My evidence is the student had been working for six weeks and that helps to improve grades. Also, The teacher smiled and said congratulations. She wouldn’t do that unless the student had done well. Example- I had been waiting eagerly for my report card. I had been trying or six weeks to improve my grades. If they were better this time, I would get the video game my mom promised me. The teacher smiled as she handed me the report card. “Congratulations,” she said.

  7. One way to make a inference is to look for the facts first! Read the story and decide with statement is a fact or an inference. Rebecca’s mother woke her up at 6:30. “I have to leave early for work this morning, “she said, “ Please get up and start dressing so you’ll be ready when the bus comes. “Rebecca turned over and pulled the pillow over her head. Fact inference A. Rebecca went back to sleep. B. Rebecca’s mother woke her up. C. Rebecca missed the bus. D. Rebecca wasn’t ready to get up Evidence: Evidence: Evidence: Evidence:

  8. One way to make a inference is to look for the facts first! Read the story and decide with statement is a fact or an inference. Every summer sea turtles come to the remote beaches near boa Raton, Florida. With their large front flippers, the female turtles dig large pits in the sand and then deposits perfectly round white eggs. The eggs have leathery shells. The female turtles pushes sand over the eggs, and then she crawls back into the ocean. Scientists take many groups to see the sea turtles laying their eggs. Fact inference A. Sea turtles dig large pits in the sand. B. Many people are interested in the sea turtle. C. The mother turtle does not stay with the eggs. D. The eggs have leathery shells Evidence: Evidence: Evidence: Evidence:

  9. Read the story and decide with statement is a fact or an inference. Charlene awoke with a shriek. Her pajamas were soaked with sweat, and she could feel herself trembling inside. The night was dark and still, and the furniture in her room loomed like shadowy monsters. Charlene closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep again. But the night was too quiet, and her eyes popped open. Suddenly Charlene heard a scratching noise to her window, and she buried her head under her pillow. Fact inference A. Charlene was scared B. A nightmare awoke Charlene. C. Charlene’s pajamas were soaked. D. The night was quiet. Evidence: Evidence: Evidence: Evidence:

  10. It was the final day of school. All the books and supplies had been turned in, and everyone was attending the honors and awards assembly. This had been my best year at school. During the assembly I was to receive three ribbons for track and field along with an award for perfect attendance. I smiled broadly as I walked up onto the stage to accept my awards. I can infer that Evidence

  11. The Importance of understanding inferences. Good readers are able to make a mind movie using personification. Good writers are able to use personification to make their writing more interesting.